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Reception Area Tables

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Make your clients feel welcome with our quality reception area tables. What are the best accent tables for a lobby? Coffee tables, side tables and end tables give your waiting room a high-class appeal and a coordinated look.

Hertz Furniture has cocktail tables in many differents sizes, shapes and styles. Choose from our fine selection of classic or avant-garde tables for the look that suits your office. Many of our models come with a complimentary extended warranty so you can be sure to enjoy your new accent tables for many years to come.

Do I really need accent tables in the waiting room?

Choosing the right reception area furniture is entirely a matter of personal taste. Because the waiting room or lobby is the first thing your new clients, colleagues and potential employees will see, it is important to make sure that you furnish this space with an impressive arrangement. You can never underestimate the effectiveness of a great first impression, and getting to that desired impression depends a lot on the details. With the perfect cocktail table or end tables in just the right spot, you can really complete that upscale look.

Reception room comfort can also be greatly enhanced by the addition of some coffee tables, side tables and end tables. When choosing the right table, it is important to take into account the space that you have in the room as well as the style of your other reception furniture. A coordinated waiting room will give your company or institution an elegant professional appearance.

Where should I put the accent tables?

Accent tables should be easy to access from a seated position. If your lobby has long sofas and loveseats, you should put some side or end tables right next to them, so people can easily put their drinks down or reach the magazines without having to stand up. Alternatively, a sofa table fits right behind where people can easily see what you place on it when they walk by. With individual seats arranged around in a rectangular formation, you can put a coffee table right in the middle where many people will be able to reach. These are just some of the many options when it comes to accent table placement.

What sets the tone in a lobby?

Occasional tables are available in a huge selection of styles, so you can definitely find great choices that set the tone you wish to create. For a classic feel we have many designs that feature natural wood finishes in a selection of hues with stately detailing. We also have more modern designs that will take your workspace into the twenty-first century and beyond. The unique appeal of a contemporary coffee table style is great for a company that works in the field of high tech, while a more elegant choice might be preferable for a law or accountancy firm.

Schools and churches can also gain a lot by having great accent tables in the lobby. Parents, visitors and congregants are sure to appreciate having an appealing place to wait before meetings, events and services. A coffee table or end table will round out the reception area will an extra touch of chic style.

Should I get end tables in glass or wood?

Both glass and wood project unique styles, so the right choice depends on what kind of feel you want in the waiting room. We have occasional tables that are made from glass, laminate , solid wood, wood veneers and more. Glass is very elegant, while solid wood has a sturdy stately charm. If you want the appearance of solid wood at a more budget-friendly price, you can often achieve the same effect with laminate end tables in natural wood hues or wood veneers.

Accent tables also come in a selection of sizes. If you have big open space around which you have placed seating, a large coffee table or cocktail table will fit well right in the middle. If you have individual chairs or sofas with small spaces in between them, side tables or end tables will fit in perfectly. If you have empty spaces in the middle and in between chairs, you might choose some combination of the three. We also have sofa tables which are just the right height for placing behind a couch.

In order to prevent your furniture from being moved around, you might want to consider a connecting center table. This great piece serves the same purpose as a side table but is attached to the seats on either side. This arrangement creates a perfect fit and keeps tables in place.

Occasional tables aren't just there to look nice and fill in space, they can serve a number of functional purposes as well. With a table that is the right height for a seated person, people can put down cups or reading materials without having to lean over or get up. Accent tables also provide a convenient place for informative literature or advertisements that patrons can read while they wait. When you spread out some promotional information for your company or some pleasant reading material, waiting can be as painless as possible.

Hertz Furniture's accent tables exude professionalism, class and great taste. Our wide variety enables you to find the piece that expresses your taste and coordinates with other furniture. Our coffee tables come from leading manufacturers including High Point, Global, OFM and Boss. If you need help figuring out how many tables you need or which models will fit your space best, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.