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Reception Desks

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Get set for success with office reception desks from Hertz Furniture. We offer a full line of reception desks in an impressive array of styles ranging from classic elegance to contemporary chic. Optional features let you design office desks that are tailor-made to your workplace needs.

What makes a reception desk special? Office desks have the potential to create a great first impression which will keep clients coming. Whether furnishing for a school office, medical center or executive suite, you're sure to make a positive impact with office reception desks from Hertz Furniture.

What is the difference between a reception desk and an office desk?

What distinguishes a reception desk from a regular executive desk is the raised transaction counter. This may seem like a small detail, but it will make a huge difference to your receptionist. Many administrative assistants and receptionists work in the middle of the waiting room or the lobby. It can be quite challenging for them to be productive with people constantly coming in and out of their workspace throughout the day. The transaction counter creates a bit more privacy, so it is easier for receptionists to get their work done.

A raised counter can also serve a number of functional purposes as part of a receptionist desk. Many transaction counters have letter organizers behind them which provide an excellent place to put prescriptions or transcripts that people are coming to pick up in the near future. Having everything ready when the client comes in demonstrates professionalism and organization. The transaction counter also provides a comfortable surface in the prime location of an office reception desk for patients and clients who need to fill-out forms.

What do you need in a reception desk?

There are a number of important considerations in any office desk purchase which apply to reception desks as well. The number of pedestals and the arrangement of the drawers determines how much can be stored in the desk. It is especially important for a receptionist to have enough space in the desk for everything that is needed so there is easy access to anything that clients might ask for.

All pedestals have some combination of box drawers and file drawers, but the right option for your office reception desk depends on the needs of your administrative assistant. Box drawers can store just about anything, but are often used for larger office supplies. File drawers enable professionals to keep all important forms, documents and papers organized. Having the right kinds of file drawers is especially important when it comes to reception desks, because receptionists need to have easy access to forms and files. Although they are not always part of the pedestals, pencil drawers are another feature to look for. They provide the perfect space for pens, pencils, staples, scissors and other small office supplies. You may choose either a one- or two-pedestal receptionist desk depending on your storage needs and space.

What is the best way to arrange the computer on my reception desk?

In the modern office, computer-friendly furniture is essential. Virtually every professional has a computer at their desk, so it is important to make sure that the modern receptionist desk is arranged to accommodate any accessories that are needed, whether a laptop or desktop is being used. Wire-management grommets are an important feature to look for when choosing a reception desk because they enable you to route cables away from the desk surface. This reduces clutter and maintains a professional appearance in the workplace.

You also want to make sure that the work surface of the office reception desk is arranged to support all of the components of a desktop computer. The surface has to be large enough for a keyboard and a mouse in addition to the monitor. Alternatively, you may choose a model with a pullout keyboard tray which facilitates proper typing posture and leaves more open space on the worksurface. Even when there is a computer on the desk, it is still important to have extra space to write things down by hand when necessary.

What kind of reception desk will look good in my lobby?

Choosing an office reception desk isn't just about the functional features. Because the receptionist desk is the first thing everyone sees when they walk into your workspace, you want to make sure that the style reflects the image of your company. Make sure to choose wood stains that coordinate with other reception furniture and produce an attractive visual effect. Drawer pulls and other accents also contribute to the style of an office desk and the image that it projects.

Reception area furniture will be the first thing people see when they come into your company headquarters so it is important to make sure that it makes the right impression. A modern reception desk is often the focal point of a waiting room or lobby. With the right reception furniture, clients or patients will feel comfortable, relaxed and impressed with your company's taste and professionalism.

No matter what your budget or style is, Hertz Furniture has the reception desk you need to create an attractive professional image. Our models come from leading office furniture manufacturers including DMI, Mayline, High Point and ABCO. Many of our models are part of whole office furniture collections so you can coordinate your entire workspace. You can't go wrong by investing in an elegant office reception desk from Hertz Furniture. If you need help deciding which style, arrangement or size is right for your space, contact the experts in the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.