Reception Furniture

What furniture should I buy for the reception area?
Invite your visitors to wait comfortably with reception furniture from Hertz Furniture. Choose from our full range of quality reception seating, including modular couches and guest chairs. We offer tables and reception desks to suit any style lobby, from traditional to modern.

What lobby furniture should you buy? Your reception area furniture should include great seating as well as smaller items including coat racks, umbrella stands and magazine racks. With 45 years of experience in the furniture industry, you know you can trust Hertz Furniture to give you everything you need in the office.

Why is reception furniture important?

Every office needs to have its own character. Your guests and clients are going to understand the character of your company through your reception furniture because that is the first thing they see when they come into your space. When it comes to your office, you only have one chance to make a good first impression, so choose your reception furniture very carefully.

While individual taste is important, you need to keep the purpose of your office in mind. If you're furnishing an executive office, you will probably want to choose pieces that project your professionalism and experience. On the other hand, if you're purchasing for a pediatrician, then Mickey Mouse and Co. just might be the way to go.

How do you choose reception chairs?

One thing every reception area needs is reception seating. Because clients might show up early, it is important to make sure that you choose the most comfortable seating you can find to make every wait a comfortable one. Your guests and clients will definitely appreciate it.

Should I get accent tables?

If you have the space and the budget, you can strategically place some end tables between the chairs so you can promote your company or services with pamphlets or brochures. If you don't have reading material of your own, then you can put out magazines or newspapers so clients can pass the time in an enjoyable way. If you don't have the floor space to spare for end tables, you can try some compact magazine racks and literature stands.

What should I look for in a reception desk?

A well-planned reception desk that takes your secretary's needs into consideration will give your office a big efficiency boost. If your office is the type where clients are constantly coming up to your secretary's desk to ask questions, then a desk with a reception counter is highly recommended. This will ensure the secretary's privacy. For secretaries who work with confidential information, such as medical records or tax forms, a high counter can be crucial.

Something else to look for in reception desks is good storage. That means file drawers, regular drawers, locks, and computer-friendly features. Wire-management grommets in the desktop are a big plus. Your secretary doesn't want a wire-cluttered desktop any more than you do. If you really want to make sure that she gets what she needs, ask her what her preferences are before you do any reception-desk shopping. She's the one who's going to be using it – and she knows what she needs in order to function at maximum efficiency.

What will make my waiting room better?

Now that the basics are covered, you can go on to the smaller details. Umbrella stands can be a really convenient item to have in your reception area. They will keep your other reception furniture from getting wet because your clients had nowhere else to put their dripping umbrellas. Coat racks are great for similar reasons. Another item that might seem trivial but totally isn't is a waste receptacle, a.k.a. trash can. Although these may sound unsightly, they need not be. As a matter of fact, some of them are really quite attractive. If you want to have an eco-friendly office then get some recycle cans for the staff lounge and cafeteria.

If some of this sounds confusing, don't think you're clueless. Choosing office furniture can be quite a challenge. At Hertz Furniture, we have a whole team of design experts ready to help you find the best reception furniture for your needs. Whether you're refurbishing an entire office or just looking to upgrade an existing floor plan, Hertz Furniture will be happy to assist you.

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Russwood Library Furniture will turn your study space into one of the most popular rooms in the school. Great school library furniture can transform a drab room into an attractive area. Coordinated bookcases, library tables and study carrels will give students the space they need to study hard.

With this broad collection from Russwood, you can get everything you need. Attractive wood finishes and classic designs will set a relaxed tone that enables students to stay on task. With budget-friendly prices and a great warranty, the bookshelves and computer tables are certainly worth the investment.

The obvious place to start when thinking about a library is the bookcases. Even in a modern day setting where computers are increasingly important in research and school work, most people still need books on occasion. Some volumes simply cannot be obtained online, and there are many people who still prefer to hold a physical book in their hands.

A library requires strong bookshelves that can accommodate volumes of various sizes. Russwood has beautiful wood bookcases that will give your literature and reference materials the respect they deserve. They are available in a choice of finishes with solid wood shelves that are designed to support the weight of books. Adjustable-height shelves are very important because they maximize bookcase capacity and accommodate volumes of various sizes. In a room that houses novels, non-fiction, encyclopedias and much more, having the flexibility to rearrange, catalog and organize a space is critical.

You can trust the Russwood library experts to bring you the ideal bookshelves. A modular design featuring starter and added pieces enables you to create a perfect fit in almost any room. This arrangement saves space and money, so you might just be able to squeeze in a few extra books. Shelving is available in both single- and double-faced units so you can create long rows of classics or a featured selections wall.

While bookcases are quite important, there are other arrangements of displays and shelving that can enhance your patrons' experience as well. Newspaper racks keep the daily post in good condition, so you can keep students up to speed on current events. Book displays are great for featuring volumes that are relevant to a certain time of year or school-wide theme.

Encourage students to look things up and understand on a deeper level with some well-placed dictionary stands. When commonly-used reference books are put in a prominent position, everyone will be more likely to use them. Rather than simply glossing over unfamiliar terms, dictionary stands make it easy to just walk over, verify a definition and continue reading.

Once you have the right spaces and shelving for books, you want to make sure that all of your patrons have an appropriate place to sit and study. The ideal is to provide a variety of workspace options so people can have quiet personal study spaces as well as appropriate venues for working on group projects or conducting research on the computer. Library tables are available in a selection of shapes and sizes for various configurations and personalized arrangements. Study carrels are also important to have for when students want to work independently. Library carrels make it easier for students to stay focused as they work, and provide convenient ways to keep books organized.

No modern library is complete without some appropriate computer furniture. Much of the research that students do for projects and papers is conducted on the computer, so you will need some computer tables in your study space. Choose from more open tables, or even computer carrels, which create a personal workspace for online research and essay composition.

When the patrons have been taken care of, and you have selected all of the Russwood library furniture that facilitates diligent study and provides an appropriate place for your book collection, don't forget about the librarians. Making sure that a library stays organized and operates efficiently is no easy task, especially when there are many volumes in one space. Having a functional circulation desk will make the whole check-out and organization process smoother for everyone.

Library circulation desks from Russwood come in a selection of configurations to provide all of the features you need while fitting in the allotted space. With the option for a book return with a matching book truck, patrons can easily return books. When it is time for reshelving, librarians can simply roll out the cart and begin the process, without having to take an extra step to transfer everything into a book cart. However, even with this arrangement, having a few book carts for organization and large-scale moves can still be quite helpful.

Russwood Library Furniture is designed to create a functional and inviting study space. With this appealing collection, you can get everything you need to outfit a study space with coordinated hues at budget-friendly prices. Choosing all of the necessary library furniture and determining the ideal arrangement can be quite a challenge. If you need help in any step of the selection, layout or installation process, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.