Receptionist's Office Furniture

Receptionist's Office


The receptionist's office is the first company space that clients and visitors see. To ensure that your first impression is a positive one, make sure to have great reception furniture. When your receptionist's office gives off an air of professional expertise, your whole company gets a more serious image.

What furniture belongs in a receptionist's office? Hertz Furniture has a great selection of reception desks and office chairs. Once the basics are covered, you can move on to some excellent storage solutions including file cabinets, office bookcases and mail organizers. Don't forget to add some umbrella stands and coat racks for rainy days.

Why do I need a reception desk?

While administrative assistants can sit at classic office desks, having an open work space can be quite distracting. Because most receptionists work in waiting rooms where people are constantly coming in and out, it will be hard for them to focus when seated at an executive desk. Reception desks are specially designed for the arrangement of a waiting room. They feature raised transaction counters which create a more private workspace within the open area. This arrangement also provides a convenient surface for filling out forms and distributing business cards.

Where should the receptionist sit?

Once your receptionist has an appropriate place to work, she will need a comfortable place to sit. Sitting in an uncomfortable or insufficiently-padded task chair can cause major, back, neck and hand problems that can leave employees unable to work for significant periods of time. An ergonomic office chair prevents aches and pains that often afflict professionals who spend many hours seated at desks working on computers.

There are many different office chairs to choose from. If your company caters to an upscale clientele, leather office chairs are a great option. They are luxuriously comfortable and quite impressive in an professional setting. If you want a more modern, breathable style, mesh office chairs are comfortable, supportive and ventilated.

How can you help the receptionist organize her papers?

Once the big stuff has been taken care of, there are lots of smaller details that can make a space more attractive and functional. If there are many employees in your company and papers are passed around often, the reception area might be a good place to put mail organizers. Many compartments enable you to give each employee a personal space for internal mail that they can easily pick up on their way into the office every morning.

If you are furnishing a doctor's office or any other business where the administrative assistant has to keep track of many client files, you might want to consider putting some file cabinets in your receptionist's office. Although most reception desks do have some file drawers, a large business will not have enough space in the desk for all of the files that the receptionist needs access to. We have wooden filing cabinets as well as steel models. For guaranteed protection, we even have fireproof models.

In businesses where clients and patients spend significant amounts of time in the waiting room, it is important to provide reading materials. If you want to offer something more than the standard magazines, consider adding some attractive office bookcases to your reception area. When you fill your workspace with books, you demonstrate your regard for scholarship and give clients a great way to pass the time.

How can I prevent the reception area from getting wet when it's raining?

When it's cold and rainy outside, the last thing people want to do is carry around their wet coats. The best place to hang outerwear when visiting a business is right by the entrance, so it can be picked up on the way out and won't be forgotten. Putting an umbrella stand and a coat rack in the waiting room gives visitors the perfect place to leave their belongings to dry off.

Demonstrate true professionalism and regard for your company's image by creating an inviting receptionist's office. When you have great furniture in every part of your workspace every employee will work more efficiently. Make sure to coordinate your receptionist's desk, task chair and other furniture for a truly attractive workspace.