Sanctuary Furniture



Your congregants deserve to enjoy church furniture that is both inspirational and comfortable. With the right pew chairs, podiums and pulpits, they will be able to concentrate better on services and have a much more enjoyable experience. When you have a sanctuary filled with the right furniture, your congregation is sure to grow and thrive.

What kind of church chairs should you get for your sanctuary? Sanctuary chairs and pulpit chairs should have a regal air that is worthy of a house of worship. If you need some help choosing the right communion tables or portable partitions, the Hertz Design Team is here to help you every step of the way.

How do you know which chapel chairs are best for your congregation?

The biggest investment, and probably the most significant when furnishing a chapel is the church chairs. Pews are likely to be replaced more often than any of the other furniture in your sanctuary because they get the most wear and tear. The right chapel chairs depend entirely on the look and feel of your space.

Many different kinds of chairs can be used as pew chairs, but that doesn't mean that they are all the same. Church chairs which were specifically designed for houses of worship have a unique elegance and soft cushioning. No pastor wants to watch his congregants shifting uncomfortably throughout the sermon and the service. With thick cushioning and soft upholstery on your sanctuary chairs, people will be so comfortable that they just might want to stick around even after services are over.

What extra features will make my church chairs better?

Besides the basic choices of color and cushion thickness there are other considerations to take into account in the church chair selection process. Many people like to have a place to put prayer books and Bibles so they don't have to hold them at times when they are not in use. Underseat book racks or book pockets on the backs of chapel chairs provide an accessible place to keep holy books so they are out of the way yet in easy reach when they are needed. Chairs with built-in ganging are ideal for straight rows. They create the appearance of long permanent pews while still offering the convenience of movable chairs.

Banquet chairs can be used as general church chairs or just kept around in storage in case they are needed. While they might not be quite as cushy or elegant as chapel chairs, they are certainly nice enough to go in a sanctuary. Even if you don't want to use them every day, they can really come in handy if there is a ceremony, convention or other special event and you have lots of visitors.

One of the most convenient things about banquet chairs is that they can be stored in a very efficient way. They are stacking chairs that nest perfectly so they can be moved around or put away in the best arrangement possible. If you coordinate your stack chairs with the color and style of your other church furniture, they will easily blend into the sanctuary.

What is the easiest way to transport church chairs?

Whether you choose specially-designated church chairs or general stacking chairs, having an easy way to move them around will make the job of custodians and volunteers much easier. Carrying chapel chairs around can cause damage to the chairs and the people carrying them, and it takes up a lot of time. Rather than making multiple trips back and forth, you can simply stack a bunch of chairs on a chair dolly and wheel them all into place at once. A chair truck isn't only convenient when stacking chairs are on the move, it also keeps them stacked and ready to go in storage. Chair carts are especially convenient if you hold services in a gym, multipurpose room or community center that's not your own building. If the space is used before and after services for other things, a chair truck will ensure that you get everything back in order in time for the next people who need the space.

What furniture do you need on the pulpit?

Once you have considered the members of the congregation, you probably want to invest some time and funds in the furniture that will serve the clergy members. Stately pulpit furniture will encourage your members to give priests and bishops the respect they deserve. Pulpit chairs come in charming designs that will add a lot to your space. They can be ordered with matching winged pulpits which frame the speaker with stately authority. For a complete set, you can even have a perfectly-matched communion table. With the right pulpit furniture you can really make your space look like a place that is conducive to worship and spirituality.

If you are looking for a more modern alternative to large pulpits, you can choose from Hertz Furniture's huge selection of church podiums. There are basic wood or acrylic podiums as well as enhanced models with lots of modern features. Sound lecterns with built in microphones and amps will ensure that the sermon can clearly be heard from any place in the room.

What is the easiest way to divide up the social hall?

For houses of worship that have large open spaces where they can set up all kinds of arrangements, portable partitions are a must-have. With portable room dividers, you can create an extra classroom, meeting space or place for refreshments after services, in a matter of seconds. Rather than being stuck with one arrangement, you can get exactly what you need each time you use them. When you need partitions in another room, you can just whisk them away. They also fold compactly for easy storage.

Where should the church choir stand?

All the world's a stage, but some spaces need a physically raised platform for optimal viewing purposes. If you are holding services in a gym or multipurpose room where there might not be a permanent stage, a portable stage will ensure that the congregation can clearly see what is going on. Proud parents, spouses and other family members will definitely want to be able to see their loved ones in the choir. Choral risers on the stage will ensure that every row can be seen from the audience.

Creating a space that is conducive to worship, prayer and spirituality is no easy task. You need to consider every piece carefully from church chairs to portable partitions to pulpits. With the right selections, you can help your congregants channel their spiritual energy into truly uplifting experiences.