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Steel Lockers

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Buying steel lockers can be challenging even for experienced contractors and designers. Let the experts at Hertz Furniture help you set up the most efficient school locker plan. Our models are built to withstand the daily rigors of your bustling school for many years of reliable, secure storage.

What is the best place for metal lockers? From gym lockers to storage lockers and everything in between, our outstanding selection and discounted prices will solve your spacial challenges. Best of all, many of our lockers ship within just one week.

What is the most convenient location for school lockers?

The most common place to find school lockers is lining the hallways. This classic setup enables students to pick up whatever they need on the way to class. Rather than carrying around all of the books they need throughout the day and straining their backs, your students can put their jackets, backpacks and books in storage lockers at the beginning of the day and remove items as needed.

What kind of lockers should I get for the locker room?

A well-furnished locker room helps student athletes focus on their performance and get mentally prepared for important games and matches. Our great selection of gym lockers and athletic lockers will help you determine the optimal choice. Gym lockers have enough space for physical education necessities, while athletic lockers can store larger equipment such as hockey or football pads and baseball bats. We even have locker room benches so athletes have a comfortable place to sit down and suit up.

Do we need employee lockers?

In a busy work environment, employee lockers demonstrate that you care about your workers' possessions. Although many professional settings have personal office desks, there are also more active jobs in which workers must move around all day. In such a situation it is hard, if not impossible, to carry around personal items on the job. Employee lockers provide a safe place for your workers' property so they can go about their workdays without concern or distraction.

Metal lockers can also be a useful thing to have in the teachers' lounge. They give educators a secure space for purses and other valuable items so they don't have to worry or carry their possessions around all day. If papers, board markers or other classroom necessities need to be left in school, it is always helpful to have a lockable storage space that is designated for teachers' personal use. Additionally, lockable storage lets educators store tests and other sensitive materials without having to worry about them getting into the wrong hands.

How do I know which school lockers to get?

No matter what purpose you need school lockers for, there are many factors that should be considered before a purchase is made. There are numerous configurations to choose from including single-, double-, triple- and six-tier lockers. Two-person lockers offer an additional alternative to the double-tier option. Rather than stacking the lockers on top of each other, they are configured in a side-by-side arrangement.

There are various locker handle and lock designs to choose from as well. Built-in combination locks are great because they save students from the hassle of having to purchase their own locks. Hallowell lockers have convenient die-cast handles for easy one-handed opening. Models that do not include a built-in lock usually have a loop on the handle which enables students to apply their own combination or keyed locks.

Louvers are an additional component of metal locker design. They provide ventilation to contents while maintaining privacy. It is important to have a continuous airflow in lockers in order to diffuse unpleasant smells. Ventilation is also helpful if there are wet coats or bags inside because it facilitates faster drying. An additional convenient feature is the slanted top option. This prevents dust from building up on the tops of lockers.

Aesthetic considerations are important as well. Lockers come in a huge selection of both vibrant and muted colors. They can be used to liven up hallways or locker rooms, or made to blend in with your current paint colors. In a case where lockers are inside a learning space, you want to make sure they coordinate with classroom colors. Many of our lockers come with individually-numbered metal plates, which make it easy to assign and identify them.

Steel lockers are an investment that should serve your institution for many years. Making the right selection is important because it can have a real impact on your students and employees. Hertz Furniture offers a great selection of top-tier Hallowell and Penco lockers. To determine and implement your ideal locker configuration, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice today.