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A good lab stool is essential for working productively in a science laboratory. Hertz Furniture's huge selection of stools gives students a sturdy place to sit while conducting experiments or taking notes in class. We offer a variety of styles and designs to suit any preference or budget.

So how do you choose between a drafting chair and an industrial stool? The right choice depends on who is using the stools and for what purpose. Choose from our collection of lab stools, bar stools, drafting stools and art stools to find the ideal selection for your needs.

What kinds of lab stools are there?

Stools come in a variety of styles with many optional features available. Traditional lab and art stools which offer a basic design are the most budget-friendly option. Their metal legs and hardboard seats provide strength and durability. They are built for the rigors of everyday student use and will last for many years. For a bit of extra comfort, you may choose to add optional backrests. Adjustable-height models are available as well. Many classic art stools and lab stools rest on self-adjusting glides, which compensate for uneven floors automatically.

What stool seat material should I get?

Seat materials vary. You can choose between hardboard, polypropylene and hard plastic. Each material has its advantages. Hardboard is the cost-conscious option. Hard plastic is super strong. It resists nicks and dents and is easy to clean. Polypropylene is lightweight, colorful and flexible. It offers a great way to liven up your learning space by adding classroom colors and enables students to lean back without causing damage to the stool.

How can I make my drafting chairs more comfortable?

For a more pleasant seating experience, padded stools are the way to go. Padding varies from the very basic addition of a little extra cushioning to high-density foam for hours of support. To determine whether padding is desirable and necessary, consider how many hours a day the stools are used and whether they are used for extended periods of time or not.

Unlike standard lab stools, drafting stools offer the utmost in support and flexibility. They feature thick padding and adjustable height. Enhanced options even include adjustable tilt angle, armrests and adjustable back height. Many drafting stools offer convenient mobility. Five-star bases with dual-wheel casters provide stability and easy rolling.

What kind of stool upholstery should I get?

Stool upholstery is available in a selection of materials. The optimal material for a science lab is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial vinyl. This material prevents germ build-up and facilitates easy cleaning. Fabric upholstery is another viable option. Stools with mesh backs provide the utmost in breathability.

What kind of stool is best for an art room?

Our stools are great for art room applications. Art stools enable students to have a clear view of their projects. Swivel stools are excellent for art because they offer clear visibility from a number of angles. Wooden stools create a more classic look and are super strong and highly durable.

Foot rings are a great feature for any type of stool. They reinforce the frame while providing a comfortable place to rest feet. The optimal position for working is with feet resting flat, so a foot ring is ideal for sitting in a healthy position.

Whether you are looking to outfit a science lab, art room or any other work space, Hertz Furniture has many excellent options to fulfill your needs. We feature lab stools from leading manufacturers including National Public Seating, Academia, OFM and Boss. If you are having trouble choosing among the many excellent options, contact our design center today and we will be happy to help you determine the optimal choice.