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Storage Cabinets

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No matter what the size of your school or office is, you definitely need some functional storage cabinets. What is the best way to organize a supply closet? To facilitate organization, choose from heavy-duty supply closets and wardrobe cabinets.

Hertz Furniture has an excellent selection of wooden and metal storage cabinets. Many of our wardrobe closets include adjustable shelving, and we even have quite a few mobile units. Our budget-friendly prices and wide array of choices makes Hertz Furniture the destination for all of your storage cabinet needs.

What are the strongest storage cabinets?

No matter what you need to store, steel storage cabinets from Sandusky Lee should definitely be considered. Their super-strong shelves have an incredible 150 pound weight capacity. They are also adjustable so you can adapt the shelf configuration to a number of different items. These locking storage cabinets come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can coordinate with virtually any space arrangement and color scheme.

What is the best cabinet for storing building cleaning supplies?

Every building needs cleaning supplies to keep it looking attractive and presentable. A utility cabinet lets you keep all of your mops, brooms, and cleaning products in one convenient place. It is arranged to accommodate everything you need to keep a building in sparkling condition. With all supplies stored properly in one location, it is much easier to find what you are looking for in a pinch. This is especially helpful if there is an accidental spill or mess that needs to be cleaned up in a flash.

Where should I store chemicals in the science lab?

If your school has student science labs, you definitely need to make sure that you have chemical storage cabinets. We have a number of flammable storage cabinets that are specifically designed for installation and use in a laboratory. In a lab where there are lots of chemistry experiments being conducted, a flammable cabinet should be installed for the protection of your students. With a clear warning on the cover of the cabinet, everyone will know to be extra careful around the contents, which can prevent many accidents.

What kind of storage closet is good for coats in an office or classroom?

Need a good place to hang outerwear or store accessories in an office or classroom? Wardrobe closets are designed specifically for this purpose. If you don't have built-in storage closets or you just need some extra space for personal items, a wardrobe cabinet will make a great addition to your work space. We also have many wardrobe closets that are part of office furniture collections, so you can coordinate with the rest of your furniture.

Should I get a storage cabinet on wheels?

Mobile storage cabinets are convenient for shared supplies and equipment. They enable you to move a lot of items around without having to carry anything. When you want to move the storage cabinet, you don't need to remove the contents. This arrangement is ideal if you have shared supplies that need to be transported frequently or whole sets of equipment that need to be moved all together.

Not all storage solutions offer the same kinds of storage. If you don't need the security of locking doors and you want to use your storage as a display space as well, open storage shelves are a good choice. If you want versatile storage with a number of options in one cabinet, we have drawers, doors, shelves, hanging rods or some combination of options. For easily-viewable contents, there are models with see-through doors.

Add a splash of color to your office or school with Educational Edge cabinets. These bright pieces have fully-colored doors or edge accents. You can coordinate these storage cabinets with your classroom colors or use them to bring some new hues into a study space.

A well-chosen storage cabinet can help you stay organized to keep your school or office running efficiently. With Hertz Furniture's wide selection of sizes and styles, you are certain to find a number of excellent choices that will suit your needs. If you need help determining what the optimal choice is, or you just want a second opinion, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.