Table Trucks

Table Trucks
Our heavy-duty table trucks and caddies extend the life of your folding tables and make them so much easier to set up and put away. Why is a folding table cart so useful? Rather than wasting time and energy carrying tables back and forth, you can use a table cart to roll them into position in no time.

Hertz Furniture's great selection of table dollies includes models that are designed to transport tables of many shapes and sizes. With a selection of capacities and designs, you can find the perfect fit for your furniture. Table movers help prevent possible damage to the tables and minimize strain on your muscles.

Do I really need to buy a folding table cart?

When an institution or company invests in furniture, the ideal is to find items that will look great and serve their purpose for as long as possible. Tables and chairs that are moved around on a regular basis can easily get destroyed if they are carried improperly. If they are accidentally dropped or bumped into something, they may get scratched or dented, or even harm people.

In order to avoid injuries and damage, you need a safe and reliable means of moving furniture around. Table carts offer the perfect way to transport and store folding tables. They hold tables securely in position so there is no risk of them accidentally falling. Rather than having to find an appropriate shelf or rack that will keep tables balanced in storage, they can simply be left on the table dolly until they need to be taken out and arranged.

What kind of folding table cart should I get?

There are a number of factors that determine how convenient a folding table cart really is. There need to be sturdy wheels that will not make scuff marks. Additionally, they need to be easy to steer because tables can be quite heavy and unwieldy. Our models will give you a smooth ride and conveniently fit through standard doorways.

While all of our table trucks are sturdy and user-friendly, the right choice depends on the tables that a particular institution needs to use. If you are running seminars, you will need models with limited width. However, if you plan on hosting informational meetings about social emotional learning or collaborative teaching, you will probably want to seat more people around a wider table. Each model is designed to fit tables of particular shapes and sizes so it is important to make sure that your cart of choice will indeed accommodate the tables you have. There are table carts that fit round or rectangular tables, and even ones that are designed to transport seminar tables.

Another important consideration is the cart capacity. For smaller events, most table carts can hold between eight and ten tables. However, for a large celebration or expo, it is ideal to have models that will fit more. We carry high-capacity table trucks that can hold up to 20 tables, which will make setting up for big events much easier.

There are various options for how tables are arranged on folding table carts. They can either be stacked on top of each other or left resting on their sides. When tables are stacked, balance is maintained and the person pushing the cart has a clear view of where they are going as long as the tables are not stacked too high. The optimal choice might ultimately depend on the arrangement of space in your storage closet.

What is the easiest way to transport folding tables?

For the utmost in convenience, try the Table Totter. This unique table cart provides smooth rolling transport as well as an easy way to set up. Rather than requiring two people to lift the tables off of the folding table dollyand unfold them in the correct position, this table truck turns arrangement into a one-person job. The cart simply needs to be rolled to the desired location where table legs are extended. With a gentle pull, gravity will move the table into the desired spot with minimal physical effort.

Arranging and rearranging a room can be a pain in the neck - and back - when you don't have the right equipment for moving furniture. Hertz Furniture's table carts are designed to make setup and cleanup faster and easier. They come from reliable manufacturers including National Public Seating and Mayline. If you need help selecting the right table trucks, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.

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Rectangle and Square Table Caddy For 30 or 36W x 96L APW-CART30A

Rectangle and Square Table Caddy For 30 or 36W x 96L

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Made in USA
Rectangle Table Cart For 18 or 24W up to 72L APW-CART18

Rectangle Table Cart For 18 or 24W up to 72L

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Made in USA
Rectangle Table Cart For 18 or 24W x 96L APW-CART18A

Rectangle Table Cart For 18 or 24W x 96L

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Made in USA
Rectangle and Square Table Caddy for 30 or 36W up to 72L APW-CART30

Rectangle and Square Table Caddy for 30 or 36W up to 72L

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Made in USA
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AmTab offers world-class American tables that are versatile and built to last. With budget-friendly pricing and a name you can trust, AmTab tables are an excellent choice for any office, school or house of worship. All folding tables, cafeteria tables and banquet tables have an attractive appearance and user-friendly design.

Hertz Furniture is proud to bring you wonderful temporary and permanent furniture solutions in a variety of categories. With AmTab stages and risers, you get the same quality and durability in a social hall, auditorium or gym. These supportive and appealing performance platforms will help any budding musicians shine.

Sturdy tables come in a number of different styles to fit a variety of purposes. AmTab cafeteria tables are designed with the needs of a busy school eating area in mind. They are available in circular and rectangular configurations with or without attached seating. A variety of surface and edge-banding materials enable any school to enjoy these sturdy tables, no matter what their budget is.

Lunchroom tables come with either stools or benches, so each school can determine which option is better for their student body. They lock in the upright folded position for compact storage. For easy mobility, they roll into position on strong casters, so setting up or rearranging the cafeteria is a breeze.

Any venue where banquets or celebrations take place requires some sturdy folding tables. Foldable tables are ideal for temporary use because they are stable when they are set up, yet they can easily be folded up for storage. We have round folding tables and rectangular folding tables in a selection of sizes so every venue can choose the space arrangement that looks the best in a particular space and provides the desired seating capacity.

Folding tables are often used as banquet tables. They can be arranged just about anywhere, and offer a great space for formal events. With some elegant tablecloths, napkins and place settings, no one will even know that there is a folding table underneath. Rather than spending many hours carrying heavy furniture into the social hall, you can set up banquet tables in a matter of minutes while achieving a stately appearance that is worthy of an awards dinner or annual holiday party.

In an office or school setting where there are often training sessions or professional days, it is helpful to have some dependable seminar tables. Unlike regular tables, training tables are designed for people to sit on one side so everyone can face the speaker at the front of the room. AmTab seminar tables have cantilever legs which provide maximum legroom. They are available in a huge selection of tabletop colors and sizes, so you can have great temporary workspaces in any room.

Whenever you have a significant number of folding tables, you need an easy way to move them around. Table carts are designed for smooth transport requiring a minimum of labor and effort. When choosing table dollies, it is important to make sure that they fit the shapes and sizes of the tables that need to be transported.

You can enjoy AmTab quality in your performance spaces as well. AmTab's portable stages are designed for easy arrangement and tough support. They can be setup in a variety of configurations to transform a regular room into an auditorium. Easy storage makes these stages convenient at all times. To ensure safety, guard rails should be purchased for the sides of the stage that will not be directly against a wall.

Whether you have a choir, band or orchestra, you will need an appropriate place for musicians to sit or stand during performances. When everyone is lined up on the stage, it can be difficult to make sure that all members and participants are visible to the audience and conductor. With band risers or choir risers you can ensure that all student musicians are visible to their adoring family members and fans. It is important to determine whether you will be using portable risers for seated or standing musicians because they come in varying widths.

Whether you are bringing music into the educational environment or hosting a professional-development seminar, AmTab furniture will serve your institution well. With models that are designed for easy transport and arrangement, you won't have to work too hard to get a space setup. From storage to configuration and beyond, AmTab tables and stages will stay in great shape through many events and occasions.