No matter what kind of table you need for your church, school, or company, Hertz Furniture has it all. From folding tables to drafting tables, computer tables to conference tables, you will find a huge selection to suit any style or budget.

How many tables should you put in a room? That depends on what kind of tables they are and how many people you need to seat. It doesn't matter if you are replacing one item or you are outfitting a multi-story building. Our tables are sturdy, dependable and attractive, so you know you are making the right choice when you purchase from Hertz Furniture.

What kind of table is right for my school?

Schools require many different kinds of tables. Elementary schools and preschools need sturdy activity tables so little ones can learn and play comfortably. We have a huge selection of classroom tables in various sizes, heights and shapes. They come from experienced children's furniture manufacturers including Mahar and Academia. To add some fun and flair to a learning space, try Educational Edge school tables with colored edge banding in a selection of vibrant hues.

Which tables are good for art?

To keep the creative juices flowing in the art studio, you need proper art tables and drafting tables. The right equipment helps students learn correct techniques as they are developing their skills. Our drafting tables are perfect for aspiring artists who are learning how to create drawings that are to scale, or even for professionals in an architecture firm.

Where can I find good lab tables?

When young scientists are first starting to experiment, it is important to make sure that they are conducting themselves in a safe and proper manner. While regular materials might be strong enough to support the equipment that is needed for experimentation, normal tabletops are not built to withstand harsh chemicals and materials. Lab tables from National Public Seating and Diversified Woodcrafts come in a selection of surface materials. Their special chemical-resistant or epoxy-resin tops are designed specifically for laboratory applications.

What kind of tables should I put in the cafeteria?

Make sure your students have plenty of places to sit and eat their meals in the lunchroom with our sturdy and comfortable cafeteria tables. Lunchroom tables come with a number of seating options including benches, stools or chairs. They lock in a partially-folded position for easy cleaning, and have wheels which make them easy to transport when they are fully folded.

Where should you put computers in a school?

Computer tables will come in handy in a school computer lab or company training room. They will even fit well on the side of a classroom or in a library. Unlike regular tables, computer tables come with extra features that are designed for comfortable desktop use. Many models have built in CPU holders and keyboard trays. Wire-management grommets in the work surface facilitate easy routing to reduce unnecessary clutter. The number of tables you should put in your room depends on how big the room is an how many students will be using it at one time.

What kind of table should I get for my office?

While a personal workspace usually has an office desk, other shared areas of a company require various table arrangements. For a professional boardroom or meeting space, try one of our sleek conference tables. Many come from office furniture collections so they can be coordinated with other items in the workspace. Solid woods, laminates and veneers will enrich the atmosphere of your company and project a dependable professional image.

When you are hosting conferences, training sessions or professional days, you need some sturdy seminar tables so all participants can stay comfortable. Training tables take up less space than regular tables because they are designed for people to be seated on one side, facing the front of the room. Many models have wire-management grommets so laptops, tablets and other electronics can easily be plugged in without getting in the way. Flip-top tables are super convenient because training tables are only used occasionally, and this design saves space in storage by facilitating compact nesting.

What is the most versatile table?

Folding tables will come in handy virtually anywhere. They can be used as banquet tables for formal occasions in a social hall, or for special events in the gymnasium. We have rectangular and round folding tables in a selection of sizes so you can find what fits in your space. They are available in various surface materials.

No matter what style of decor you have in your house of worship or school, Hertz Furniture has the tables you need to create a functional space. Our attractive budget-friendly selection can outfit any room you need to fill in style. If you are overwhelmed by all of the great choices and need help narrowing down your selection, contact the Hertz Design Center for free project-planning advice.

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Sandusky Lee has the steel storage solutions you need to organize just about anything. Their tough office and school furniture will withstand the test of time and outlast virtually anything. Sturdy steel construction is complemented by user-friendly designs, appealing styles and a great color selection.

Hertz Furniture is proud to offer you file cabinets, storage cabinets, utility carts, book carts and much more from Sandusky Lee. All of these great products come with a 25 year warranty for many years of guaranteed durability. Sandusky has the strength that you need to support just about anything in a professional or educational environment.

Having great furniture isn't just about strength, style and budget. Sandusky Lee provides you with eco-friendly furniture which is made in the USA. With this winning combination of quality, durability and values, you can go green, save money and support your country all at once.

Sandusky Lee is best known for sturdy steel storage solutions. Their storage cabinets come in all sizes and colors, providing a secure space for just about anything. Adjustable shelves enable you to adapt these models to fit whatever you need. Whether you need to store cleaning supplies, office materials or small electronics, you will certainly find great options in this collection.

If mobile storage is what you need, there are many models which have the strength of steel supported by sturdy casters. Locking casters keep cabinets secured in position when they are not on the move. When supplies need to be transported, rather than emptying the cabinet and carrying everything by hand or loading all of the materials onto a separate cart, you can just unlock the wheels and roll the whole cabinet to the desired location.

Steel file cabinets have the strength and security you need to protect your documents. Full-suspension slides provide quick access to files while high sides support hanging files. Sandusky filing cabinets have a one-key locking system which protects confidential information from prying eyes while providing easy access to authorized personnel who need it.

Books can get quite heavy, especially if they have hard covers or many pages, as a significant proportion of library books do. Steel bookshelves offer the support that you need for any type of literature at a budget-friendly price. If you use bookcases that are not very strong, they will begin to sag very quickly, however, steel bookcases are super sturdy and will stay in shape through many years of supporting books. Durable school library furniture will display your books attractively for many years.

No twenty-first century office or institution is complete without great audio visual support equipment and computer furniture. Sandusky's TV carts, TV cabinets and mobile laptop carts are both sturdy and convenient. They provide the dependable support you need for valuable electronics. With great support and secure locks, you won't have to worry about damage or theft.

Believe it or not, you can even get some great steel teacher's desks. These functional and strong pieces are built for the rigors of the busy classroom. They provide the drawer storage that educators need to stay organized with tough materials that will maintain their attractive appearance, even after many years of use.

Sandusky Lee school and office furniture has the strength and functionality you need. When you purchase sturdy steel furniture from a company you can depend on, you know that you are benefitting from a great value and reliable products. Whether you need storage solutions for files, personal items, books or just about anything else, Sandusky has everything you need to stay organized.