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Feel at home no matter where you work with high-class office furniture from Hertz Furniture. What is the best office layout? From office chairs and computer desks to often overlooked essentials such as mail organizers and umbrella stands, this collection has it all.

While personal offices are certainly important, make sure you don't forget the reception area. Some cozy club chairs and classy end tables can definitely make a difference. Whether you are a major corporation or a small business, we have what it takes to put you on the path to success.

What do I need to think about for office layout?

Nothing can be decided about your office furniture until you have a good idea as to how many people are working in a given space and what kinds of spaces they need to maximize productivity. Many of today's professional areas are made up of large rooms which are divided using office cubicles, portable partitions or built-in partitions. Once there is some general idea of how the space will be divided, it's time to start thinking about what furniture to fill it with. Because layout is so critical yet so complicated, the Hertz Design Center is available for free-project planning advice that will help you make the right choices.

How do you choose an office desk and task chair?

It is generally advisable to choose an office desk before adding any other furniture to your space. An executive desk sets the tone in the space and also generally takes up more room than any other single piece of office furniture. For some extra storage space, office hutches form a seamless connection to executive desks and are very easy to reach. While traditional office desks have a stately appeal that many lawyers and accountants love, many of today's computer programmers and other professionals in the high tech sector prefer to use computer desks which include special features to accommodate a laptop or desktop.

While in a desk the focus will be on storage, office chairs are all about comfort. Task chairs come in many shapes and sizes with different combinations of adjustable features to provide a custom fit for each person. Computer chairs are ideal for anyone working on a laptop or desktop. For those working on computers ergonomics are especially important, so there need to be as many adjustments as possible. Materials are important too. Leather office chairs are incredibly luxurious while mesh computer chairs offer a modern breathability.

What are the different kinds of file cabinets?

With an office chair and an executive desk in place, it's time to fill the space that is left with useful storage. Depending on what kinds of things you have, there are plenty of bookcases, credenzas and file cabinets to choose from. Because every office has different needs when it comes to document, form and general paper storage, Hertz Furniture has a huge selection of filing cabinets to choose from. There are fireproof files, general steel models and wood cabinets as well. For multimedia equipment on the go, AV cabinets keep everything in one organized, technological space. When space is needed for large electronics or boxes of office supplies, storage cabinets are an ideal solution. Specialized visual arts companies such as architecture firms might appreciate some blueprint storage as well.

While whiteboards are often found in classrooms and conference rooms, many people benefit from having them in a personal office. Rather than having stacks and stacks of notes, you can just jot things down on the markerboard and erase them when they are no longer relevant. Whiteboard cabinets are a popular choice for professional settings because they have doors which cover the dry erase board when not in use, which creates a cleaner, classier appearance.

How can I make my office comfortable for visitors?

Anyone who comes into a workspace should have a place to sit, whether they are an employee, colleague, visitor or client. The guest chairs you choose to furnish your space could be a factor in helping potential investors determine whether they want to work with a company. The reception and lobby chairs are exceptionally important. They don't just provide a place to sit, they are also some of the first things visitors see when they enter your space. Whether you choose sofas, loveseats, club chairs or some combination, style and comfort are critical. Investing time and funds in cozy reception seating will definitely pay off in the long run. Lounge chairs and couches also go well in a large executive suite or principal or school guidance counselor's office, as long as there is enough room for them.

Reception tables are the perfect accent to complete a waiting room. They don't just look nice, they also provide a place to put some informative reading material such as brochures and pamphlets. There are end tables, side tables and coffee tables, all of which are different sizes and fit in different parts of a room. The right selection depends on the layout of a particular area and the style of other reception furniture.

How do you choose a reception desk?

Every employee deserves top-notch office furniture - especially the secretary or receptionist. The right reception desk should blend seamlessly with the other furniture in the area and give the secretary plenty of space to work. There should be tons of storage space including drawers and shelves so everything can stay organized while the work surface remains clear. What distinguishes a reception desk from regular office desks is that it has a raised transaction counter. This one feature can make a huge difference to a busy receptionist. It creates a more private workspace within an area that may be filled with a constant stream of people so the secretary can focus on the task at hand and ignore all of the distractions.

What other reception furniture do I need in the office?

There are lots of small extras that can really enhance a reception area. Mail organizers offer a great way to distribute letters, forms and documents to employees. If they are in the lobby, employees will see them on their way in and remember to check their mail every day. This makes things more convenient for everyone. When you want to distribute information about upcoming seminars or office hours, a well-placed message board will get the word out to those who need information.

Some accessories are more essential than others. Garbage cans and recycling bins are pretty important for maintaining a clean, green office. Umbrella stands and coat racks are great to have around if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain and snow. If you ever host seminars or special staff lunches, some extra folding tables and folding chairs can definitely come in handy.

Get absolutely everything you need for the office with Hertz Furniture's comprehensive collection. Whether you are just replacing an old computer chair or refurbishing an entire reception area, we can help you find office furniture that exudes class and expertise - and all at unbelievably affordable prices.