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Training Room


Furnish your training room for successful seminars and sessions with Hertz Furniture's great selection. We have everything you need to outfit any space from training tables to whiteboards and anything in between. Clients, employees and students are sure to appreciate the user-friendly design and functional features of each product.

How should you set up a training room? There are many things to think about when outfitting a training room. Although the big pieces of furniture are quite important, it is critical not to lose sight of the smaller details. We have all of the projectors, AV carts and storage cabinets you need to properly equip your school, company or organization.

What office furniture should I have in the training room?

What you need in a training room depends on the space you have and the nature of the seminars that will take place there. First and foremost, the desired seating capacity should be determined so you can figure out what size tables and chairs will accommodate the number of people that will be attending your seminars. You want to make sure that every attendee is seated comfortably so they can focus on the presentation and absorb as much information as possible.

Which chairs will fit my training tables?

There are two main categories of seating options. Folding chairs and stacking chairs are available in a huge selection of sizes and styles. Folding chairs tend to be lightweight and are incredibly easy to set up and stow away. Stacking chairs can often be more comfortable because they can accommodate thicker padding. Both of these options facilitate space-saving storage.

What kind of tables are good for a training room?

Having comfortable work surfaces will help sessions run smoothly, whether you are training computer programmers or running seminars on effective educational leadership. Seminar tables come in a huge selection of sizes and styles so you can choose the features, materials and prices that suit your preferences. If your training sessions are catered toward a computer center or new software, the ideal is to use computer tables. Unlike regular tables, they are specially designed to support PCs. Many models feature wire-management grommets, CPU holders and keyboard trays.

Even the best public speaker can benefit from some great tools and accessories. Many lecturers and presenters like to have a readily-available surface for writing notes and important terms throughout training sessions. Whiteboards and presentation boards provide the perfect space for recording key information as the presentation progresses. For the more tech-savvy lecturer, there are interactive whiteboards which can be used with special software.

When you have a whiteboard at the front of the room, you offer speakers maximum flexibility. The smooth white surface can be written on with colorful dry erase markers or used as a projector screen. You can choose a regular overhead projector or a projector that can be attached to a computer or DVD player. Having the ability to give multimedia training sessions is especially helpful when you are teaching programming in school. In order to give speakers the maximum number of options, you might even want to consider purchasing both.

Where can I keep my multimedia training equipment?

Large companies and schools might have a number of training sessions taking place simultaneously or host seminars in a number of different venues. If you don't have separate sets of multimedia equipment for every room, it is a good idea to purchase an AV cart. These mobile units are designed to support projectors, laptops, document cameras and more. They can easily turn any room into a functional seminar space.

After you have spent so much time furnishing your training room with the proper equipment, you want to make sure that it stays put. Rather than taking your chances and leaving everything out in the open, consider furnishing your space with storage cabinets. Locking cabinets will keep all of your equipment safe in a convenient location.

At Hertz Furniture, we know that you need a number of different items to properly furnish a fully-equipped training room. We have taken care of the hard part and thought of the most important things you need to facilitate clear and productive seminars. If you need help choosing the ideal pieces or determining the optimal layout, contact the Hertz Design Center for free design and project-planning advice.