Work Benches

Work Benches
Work benches are solid performers when you need a sturdy table than can stand up to heavy daily use. These industrial work tables are designed to be your main work area for heavy materials and sharp tools that might damage or destroy weaker tables. Whatever you are working on, they will give you a smooth, clean, organized surface to get the job done right.

Great woodworking benches will serve you well in any project space. Whether you are looking to furnish your school woodshop classroom or company maintenance room, our work benches are designed to handle tough tools and strong materials. They will serve you for many years of touchups, projects and repairs.

Functional workbenches are essential in an educational environment. Whether you need to outfit a professional technical high school or a woodshop classroom in a more traditional educational environment, it is critical that the right tools and furnishings are available to all students. Industrial work tables will not only make your students feel like professionals, but they will also help them learn appropriate and safe techniques. When you have many students working with heavy tools and tough materials, you can’t afford to compromise on the quality of your furniture or equipment.

A carpentry class isn’t the only place where you might want to consider putting woodworking benches. When students are working on the sets for drama productions, or using bulky materials for artistic creations, they can come in handy as well. When projects require materials that need to be manipulated using large tools, it is important to provide a sturdy work surface to ensure safety and accuracy.

Certain employees also need the project space that is offered by a workbench. When the custodian is doing repairs on furniture or constructing much-needed mechanisms, an appropriate work space is essential. When you furnish your maintenance room with this functional piece of furniture, you ensure that your employees can make the most attractive and precise adjustments.

Once you have determined that you want to purchase workbenches, materials and style must be considered. Larger surfaces are ideal for an educational setting because they enable students to work independently or in groups, while seated around the same table. This is also a good setup for large projects with bulky materials where even the pros might require an extra set of hands and group collaboration.

Diversified Woodcrafts offers a tough work table that includes user-friendly features. Built-in lockers underneath the work surface provide the perfect place for storing tools and accessories. With everything you need close at hand, students and employees can save time and frustration. This arrangement is great for any situation in which individuals have personal sets of tools, or need to store smaller projects that are in progress in a secure place.

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  • Price
    • $125 - $149.99
  • Material
    • Plastic
  • Colors Available
    • White
  • Tabletop Surface Material
    • Blow-Molded Plastic
  • Tabletop Weight Capacity
    • 250 lbs.
  • Height Options
    • Counter Height
  • Shape
    • Rectangle
  • Table Seating Capacity
    • 6
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Counter-Height Rectangular Folding Table (72 PFT-3072CH

Counter-Height Rectangular Folding Table (72"x30")

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Tables are one of the fundamental units of office furniture. Round tables, adjustable height tables, foldable tables, and portable folding tables are just a few examples of the many varieties of tables you could use for your office.

How to select the right table? Well, start by deciding what your needs are. Will this table be for a school, institution, or small office? Round tables help people interact with one another while rectangular tables provide more privacy. Adjustable height tables are ideal for classrooms where different age children will need to sue the table. Foldable tables and Portable Folding Tables give you the added flexibility of tables that are easy to move and store.