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Jennifer is an authority on active learning, classroom design, and project management & logistics. She specializes in helping educators and administrators meet their mission, curriculum and budget goals during school construction projects.

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Sara Walker

I'm an elementary teacher who loves bright colors. I know that the color of my clothes and the colors in my home can affect my mood and think that it makes a difference in my classroom too. Can you provide any insight on this?

Jennifer Urogi
VP of Project Solutions
You're right - colors make a huge impact in the classroom! Not only does color affect the mood of your students but studies show that it impacts their performance as well.

Lighter green and blue hues can create a calm, positive learning atmosphere and reduce discipline issues; warm bright colors can complement students' extroverted natures and increase their attention span. Changing the colors of walls, desks, chairs and bookcases is the natural place to start but also consider bulletin boards, window dressings and your teacher desk decorations."