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The Teaching Profession Faces Facebook

Facebook For Teachers
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Most teachers enjoy learning themselves and as the world of technology has progressed so has the use of that technology both in and out of the classroom. Whether for exploring better teaching strategies, communicating with parents, or general professional development, Facebook has become a valuable tool for teachers.

Do Standards Make a Difference?

Do Standards Based Assessments help or hinder students?
While we as educators may benefit from having clearly defined curriculum goals through the use of education standards, the current system of holding schools accountable based on assessment scores can be a prescription for disaster.

Technology Techniques for Teachers

Students working on computers

students at computers 150x150 Technology Techniques for TeachersIn the not so distant past, use of technology in the classroom generally consisted of overhead projectors, perhaps a VCR to view a video presentation, and maybe calculators to reinforce math skills or on the high school level, to perform scientific equations.  In the last few years integrating technology in the classroom has reached new levels with virtually all schools with computers having internet connection.  In addition, our students’ personal knowledge and use of technology has made it imperative for teachers to develop creative ways of using technology in the classroom.

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