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Are Students College Prepared?

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In today’s world of advanced technology, preparation for employment after completing High School often means pursuing an additional course of study for a minimum of one to two years. Be this in a Technical School, Junior College, College or University, the bottom line is that our students generally need to further their education in order to secure employment. Readiness for college therefore is an important issue facing our schools. College preparation takes foresight and planning and involves more than college preparatory courses. How can we insure that our students are college prepared?

E-Learning – Is it for Everyone?

Technology in the classroom has advanced in some schools to the point of virtual classrooms. Whether instituted to control class size or offer students a wide variety of learning options, E-learning has become an important component in schools from primary grades to high school. Are we moving towards an age of virtual schools?

Fitting Fitness into Our Schools

Having identified obesity in schools as a problem, we need to look at ways we can incorporate more exercise in schools. Developing an overall school fitness program needs to include school exercise programs in addition to teaching healthy eating habits and establishing healthier school lunch menus. Only with appropriate exercise programs can we really begin to have an affect our students’ struggle with obesity.

Administrators Tackle the Epidemic – Bully Prevention Programs

Administrators play an important role in bully prevention programs. They need to be the first line of defense by helping the school community to establish a policy addressing bullies in school. Bullies can only be stopped with a strong administrative initiative to tackle the bullying epidemic.

Profile of a School Bully

Bullies! Bullying in school has a major impact on teachers, administrators and students. With documentation of one incident of bullying every seven minutes, it pays to look at the characteristics of bullies and the causes of bullying.