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The Golden Rule Revisited

Moral Education, The Golden Rule
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Has it been over 2000 years already? Time seems to fly by when you’re having so much fun. Of course, I’m talking about all those philosophical discussions that have taken place trying to figure out the secret to raising the moral child. Many of us feel it is of upmost importance for schools to be involved in this worthwhile pursuit; the question is in what capacity?

Moral Education: Is it for children?

Teaching Morality in the Classroom

iStock 000012241086XSmall 150x150 Moral Education: Is it for children?I hope you’re not one of the many people whose eyes start to glaze over when we begin to talk about the place of moral education in our schools. “Shouldn’t that be left to religion?” is a frequently heard comment. But the most common is, “Aren’t they a bit young to start thinking about stuff like that?”


Well, to answer both questions, no.

First of all, morality in its most basic sense is a universal human truth and not a religious belief. Every culture known to man has always agreed upon fundamental moral principles. For example, there is no known culture which has condoned harming others without good reasons. While we do argue about what constitutes good reasons, the basic rule still applies.

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Just Say No Way

Just Say No To Bullying
I know you’re going to call me naive. I know you’re going to say that simple solutions to complex problems can do more harm than good. I’m even reminded of a mental health professional who remarked that the ‘Just Say No” campaign to battle teenage substance abuse was like trying to battle the problem of homelessness by giving everyone a button saying “Just Buy A Home”. This would certainly hold true when speaking of dealing with bullies. But I’m going to throw it out there anyhow.

To Lead or not to Lead? School Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management of School Principals
Principals are busy people. It is no secret that all principals are required to wear a variety of ‘hats’, assuming the role of manager, social worker, leader, fund raiser, to name just a few. In many instances it is the ability of principals to juggle these ‘hats’ that determines their professional success or failure.