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Teaching Wisdom

Little schoolboy deep thinking
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Experience has taught us that knowledge or intelligence do not guarantee wisdom. Yet it is possible to go about actually teaching wisdom outright.

Hertz Furniture CEO Appears on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act

Hertz Furniture CEO Appears on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act

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Hertz Furniture CEO Saul Wagner, an authority on educational ergonomics and classroom design, and John Musso, Executive Director of the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) appeared on Lifetime Television’s popular morning show, The Balancing Act on January 17th.

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Special Education: The Real Challenge

Changing the Hole to fit square peg, Special Education students fitting in through educational reform
Stating any opinion on the subject of special education is going to get someone upset. The subject is rarely discussed without passionate debate. This is particularly true when participants in the discussion have a personal stake in the subject, either due to the fact that they have children who have been diagnosed with learning differences or due to the fact that they themselves may have struggled in the classroom.

Doing Your Homework

Principals planning for the unexpected
It was one more of those very frustrating days as a school principal. I had carefully planned my day hour by hour to ensure an effective use of my time. I made sure to slot time for things important to me, such as visiting classrooms, meeting with teachers, talking with students and reaching out to selected parents. Each and every minute was judiciously budgeted. But then I got to school. (I don’t know why principals aren’t given the equipment that firefighters use, as it seems we’re always putting out fires. They’re probably afraid of what we might do with the axe!). Suffice it to say that by the end of the day half the classsrooms had not been visited, the teacher meetings had been shortened and the parents would have to be called later that night.

Inspired Leaders vs. Imposed Leaders: Which are you?

School Leadership | Leaders
Go to any bookstore and you will find multiple shelves stacked with books that focus on nothing else but leadership. One might discuss how to become a leader, another how to remain a leader and another try to describe what is a leader in the first place. Not to be outdone, I would like to offer a simple definition of leadership (not my own, but I have no recollection where I heard it) and discuss its implications for school leadership.