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Charter Schools: For Better or Worse?

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I probably should not touch this subject. But, I’ve always wondered about charter schools. On the one hand they seem to be a great idea. Held accountable to the same standards as public schools and yet allowed to innovate and reform unencumbered by unwieldy bureaucracies. On the other hand they don’t really seem to deliver a superior education.

Are There Skyboxes in Your School?

Skyboxification Of Our Schools
In the broad resegregation of the nation’s schools that has transpired over recent decades, New York’s public-school system looms as one of the most segregated. While the city’s public-school population looks diverse — 40.3 percent Hispanic, 32 percent black, 14.9 percent white and 13.7 percent Asian — many of its schools are nothing of the sort. About 650 of the nearly 1,700 schools in the system have populations that are 70 percent a single race, a New York Times analysis of schools data for the 2009-10 school year found; more than half the city’s schools are at least 90 percent black and Hispanic.

Singing the Summer Blues

Little girl swims in a pool in an yellow life preserver
It’s about this time of year that the attention of our students begins to focus elsewhere. Spring is in full swing and the blooming flowers let them know that summer is just a month or so away. Summer vacation, almost three months of no school, is on their minds. And, the kids are thrilled. By this time of year, there have been almost one hundred and fifty days of classes and everyone could use a break. Everyone in the school building is counting down the days. And it’s not only the students. Teachers and school administrators need to recharge. Anyone who has taught or administrated knows of the massive expenditure of focused energy that is needed on a daily basis in order to sustain the levels of excellence we strive to provide. Time away from the grind of teaching all day, every day, is a necessity.