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Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing!
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Earlier this month the National Research Council released a study, Education for Life and Work: Developing Transferable Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century. The paper poses a new definition for deeper learning, "The process through which a person becomes capable of taking what was learned in one situation and applying it to new situations - in other words, learning for 'transfer.'"

Starving Lawyers

Lawsuit, college education. law degree
I know it’s hard to work up sympathy for lawyers, but bear with me. For the news of the past few weeks has Mercedes and BMW dealers across the country worried as well. It seems that a law school degree will not guarantee that purchase of a shiny new luxury car upon graduation. In fact, only half of law school graduates will actually land jobs.

Change the Scale, Change the School

Report Card, Grading Scale
There are times when we finally see the light. When years of old thinking is suddenly and instantly swept away and the truth is there right in front of us. Many of us call this an “Aha” moment. Usually we just turn over and go back to sleep. The truth seems too inconvenient, it might demand too much change and too much effort. And, hell, I’m on summer vacation! But, deep down inside we know we’ve been exposed to a new way of thinking, a shift in perspective that will simply never let us go back to ‘the good old days’.

The Best Building I Can Be

Lady serving coffee
The classrooms are empty and the hallways are quiet; finally, a time to think. When educators think, they think of achievement. They look back at the past school year, enjoy the successes and analyze the failures. They all want to achieve more. Without a doubt opportunities for enhanced achievement can be found in every facet of our educational programs. We can upgrade curriculum, provide teacher enrichment, expand support staff and even offer free coffee in the morning. However, we might also want to take another look at those hallways and classrooms.

Teaching To the End

Girl writing on September Page of Calendar
Which is your most difficult month? When asked, teachers will usually choose between September and June. Some find that the transition from summer to school that takes place in September is the most challenging. They point to the fact that students have come off a long break, with little or no organized (or sometimes even unorganized) learning having taken place for more than ten weeks. Requiring students to settle down into a regiment of classes, tests and homework, after the summer hiatus is no small feat.