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Do As I Do

Do AS I Do - students copy teacher
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Not to be one to knock Readers Digest, but in general it is not known for its philosophical content. And yet one of the best pieces of advice regarding education was found on one of its pages. (I know, I really should get out more.) It read: Even though our children’s ears are firmly sealed to the sound of advice, their eyes are wide open to the sight of example.

An Open Letter To My New Teacher!

Dear Mrs. Newteacher, I hope you had a restful summer and are in a really good mood to teach our class. Whatever Mrs. Oldteacher from last year told you about our class is probably true, but we are willing to let bygones be bygones if you are. Before we begin the new school year next week I wanted to give you some advice. I know a kid like me shouldn’t be giving advice to my teachers, but the same thing happens every year and it drives me crazy. It’s about the first day of school.

The Heart of America

Teachers are Warriors
You turn the page on the calendar and you are shocked to see AUGUST show up in bold block letters. And, if the name on the top didn’t quite register, the two words right there on the bottom of the calendar page, scrawled across August 22-26 certainly get your attention: Staff Meetings!!! We all know what the bold block letters on the next page will show. It’s the page with First Day, Back to School Night, Meet the Teacher Picnic, etc.

Is An Elementary Teacher’s Pay Really That Bad?

Teacher Salary
Is an Elementary Teacher's salary really that bad? How does teacher pay compare? For decades, researchers have asked whether teacher compensation has kept pace with outside job opportunities, and whether compensation is sufficiently competitive to attract the quality of instructors desired. Review the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in this education infographic and decide for yourself.