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Equation for Success

Female Teacher questions pupils at mathematics
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I’m not sure they really needed a study for this, but they did one anyway. That’s what government grants are for. And while the results can be interpreted in various ways - as is almost always the case – they do warrant serious consideration. The purpose of the study was to examine the growing literature that addresses the issue of the effects of teacher gender roles on student performance. While it would be absurd to argue that either women are naturally better teachers than men, or vice versa, the point of current research is to clarify if students of one gender will achieve more with a male or female instructor.

Video: Implementing Common Core Standards

Video: Implementing Common Core Standards
Video blogger Kate Cohen shares some of her favorite online resources to help understand and implement common core standards in the classroom. She actually shows us practical methods of utilizing common core state standards as well as ELA standards.

When Great is the Enemy of Good

Man frustrated with computer
We are all well aware of the fact that if we want to figure out any new technology we basically have two choices. The first is to spend around a thousand hours either actually reading the manual or fooling around with the particular gadget (Do they even call them gadgets anymore?) until we give up in utter and complete frustration. The second choice (recommended, as they say) is to ask a six year old. The second option, while quite embarrassing, will save you time and add years to your life.

Video: Diversity In Our Schools

Video: Diversity In Our Schools
In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior day, video blogger Kate Cohen discusses the importance of diversity in our schools. While we have made a lot of progress in the last 50 years, according to Kate, a lot of work still lies ahead. While we may say that we celebrate diversity the sentiment isn't always reflected as we would like in educational policy and practice.

The Art of Motivation

Teacher motivates students
What motivates kids? Boy, if only I knew! How many parent meetings began- and ended – with exasperated parents exclaiming, “She’s so smart, but she’s just not motivated”. This cry is at times a request for help and at times a criticism of the teacher. Either way, the ball falls into the educators lap and most are left clutching at straws. How indeed do we motivate students?