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Dealing With Test Anxiety

Dealing With Test Anxiety
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Video Blogger Kate Cohen discusses test anxiety which affects students, parents, educators now more than ever before. Research shows that stress can play a beneficial role in competition including high stakes tests. Kate gives test taking tips for educators on how to best deal with test anxiety and use it to your advantage.

Classroom Design Affects Student Learning

Classroom Design Infographic
Hertz Furniture is proud to present this infographic representing how classroom design including classroom layout and ergonomic furniture effects student learning. Learn more about how flexible classroom design, ergonomic classroom furniture and environmental factors effect student behavior in this infographic.

Student Success: Dedicated To the Kid in the Back of the Classroom

Student in the BAck of Classroom
I scanned the article with only passing interest until I saw his name1. It was one of those ‘home town boy makes good’ features about a California native son, who had fashioned a brilliant business plan to save an area hospital and whose beneficence had significantly impacted his entire community. When I saw the name Sam Davis attached to this wealthy benefactor, I almost fainted.

Thank You Charter School

Charter School Classroom
Socrates was not talking about public school education when he declared, “The unexamined life is not worth living”. However, as we mark National Charter Schools Week, Socrates words become as relevant today as they were more than two thousand years ago. I think of the above quote as national attention is focused this week on the benefit of charter schools. As is always the case, arguments – good arguments – are heard at either end of the ongoing debate. Are charter schools the answer to what ails the public school system, or a misguided attempt at undermining the foundations of public education in western society?