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Video: What Makes A Principal Great!

Video: What Makes A Principal Great!
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Video blogger Kate Cohen discusses what makes a principal great! School success is dependent on a great principal and the school community cannot flourish without an effective principal. What makes a great principal? Watch the video and find out!

Teacher Appreciation: No One Likes a Sweaty Teacher

It had been a long, hot and muggy Chicago summer. I was the principal of a private school that had decided to move to a new building, and I had spent countless hours over that summer overseeing the move. Unfortunately, I was not the only one whose summer was significantly disrupted. Each teacher was busy boxing his or her classroom materials, a task that could not commence until school had let out. It was a tedious job that did not do much to enhance teacher morale.

Video: STEM Education Q & A

Video: STEM Education Q & A
Video blogger Kate Cohen presents STEM Education Q & A! Learn everything you need to know about the hot educational trend and why corporations are backing STEM literacy to promote STEM jobs! Watch the video now!

How to Recharge a Battery

Teacher development is a year-round affair – even during the summer months when you’re kicking back and enjoying some well-deserved time off. I always got a kick out of students who had that special calendar at the back of their notebooks. As June rolled around, they would start counting the days until the end of the year. They would sheepishly smile when I noticed the big black X’s they marked at the end of each day. I always wondered what they would say if they knew about the calendar teachers were keeping.