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Environment Matters

Children in their learning environment
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I’ll never forget the time I walked into a third grade classroom and discovered that the desks had been rearranged into a series of rows. The teacher had previously set up her room with five or six clusters of desks, each cluster functioning as a mini-community in and of itself. When I asked her why she made the switch, she said: “They’re not in second grade anymore.” I walked away sadly, mourning the fact that this teacher had - overnight - pushed these kids from first grade into college.

Video: Teachers Spend Their Own Money on Classroom Supplies!

Hertz Furniture video blogger Mor Rossler reports that teachers pay for classroom supplies and classroom necessities in surprising numbers. Teachers, have you spent money out of your own pocket for classroom needs? A recent study shows that 99.5% of teachers are using money out of their own pocket to supply their classroom. How do teachers feel about this and are there solutions?

Teacher Salary: Paying It Forward

Teacher Salary: Paying it Forward
When it comes to job satisfaction, I have always viewed schools as one of the most people-intensive environments known to man. Keeping all the stakeholders, including boards, staff, students, and parents happy is a daunting task at best. What complicates matters is the fact that the interests of all the above frequently clash. Many administrators must often play the role of King Solomon, forced to choose between one interest or the other, trying to somehow walk a fine line that will keep everyone placated and no one terribly upset. The ability of a principal to navigate these tricky waters will determine their level of success.

Video: Co-teaching in the Classroom!

Co-teaching Video
School Matters' video blogger Mor Rossler discusses co-teaching otherwise known as collaborative team teaching. What is co-teaching and why has it become so prevalent? Why is Co-teaching so popular with teachers, what can students get out of the situation and why is school administrator support so important?