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Happy Holidays from Hertz Furniture

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Whether you're a new customer or have been with us for many years; whether you've purchased one item or outfitted a complete campus — thank you for choosing Hertz Furniture. We value your trust and strive to win your business every day.

My New Year’s Teacher Resolutions

teacher professional development
Like the rest of America, I thought this would be an opportune time to generate my New Year’s Resolutions. Unlike the rest of America, I will not be including cleaning out my basement or organizing my garage. (Seriously, is there anyone out there who has ever followed through on those resolutions?) Instead, I thought I’d take a stab at formulating some resolutions with my teacher’s hat on. If there is any profession that requires constant reevaluation and reflection, it is education. What are some areas that we teachers should be thinking about as we head into 2014? Here are my 2014 New Year’s Teacher Resolutions:

Video: Promoting Literacy in Early Childhood – Part Two

Get practical ideas and tips for promoting literacy in early childhood in Part two of Mor's two part series on promoting literacy in early childhood. Some ideas include labeling, group discussions, and parent teacher workshops. Watch the video now!

An Educator’s Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela
It has been over a week since Nelson Mandela’s passing, and the world continues to mourn and pay tribute to the man who fought to end apartheid in South Africa. Of course, Mandela’s legacy will be defined by the values that his life embodied: promoting social justice and eradicating racism. However, it struck me that there are three valuable lessons that we in particular, as school administrators and teachers, can draw from this man and his life.

In Praise of Penmanship

I have a confession to make. This could cost me serious street cred in the field of education, but it’s time I spill the beans: I am not obsessed with technology in the classroom. That’s right. I do not believe that tablets are the answer to every challenge that our educational system faces. And I don’t think it is absolutely critical that Twitter plays a part in our students’ projects. In fact, I think our fixation on technology in the classroom leads to some unintended negative consequences: Teachers lose sight of content in the name of packaging and delivery. Technology overshadows learning. New gadgets and new apps that ought to faithfully serve in the role of medium, usurp a role for which they are wholly unfit – the learning objective itself. The means become the end, and student learning is stunted.