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Confessions of a Former SAT Hater

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high school furniture 1 180x300 Confessions of a Former SAT Hater

 Ask a progressive educator about standardized tests, and more often than not you will receive a negative response. Ask more specifically about the SATs, and you will receive similar feedback. Many teachers assume that the SATs are the epitome of the folly of standardized testing. They will tell you that colleges and students would be better off if the SATs were completely abandoned in favor of other methods of evaluation.


 I myself have been a proud standardized test hater for quite some time now.  If asked for my opinion, I would happily share with you my thoughts on the educational irrelevance – and even harm – of such exams. I would confidently let you know that most standardized tests are skewed in favor of higher socio-economic brackets, or perhaps against ethnic minorities. The SATs and other standardized tests are fundamentally flawed, I would pontificate. And anyone who cares to argue is probably an antiquated relic of decades past, a teacher stuck in his ways, unenlightened and obtuse.

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The SAT Controversy

The  SAT Controversy

The news that the SAT’s will be modified to more appropriately accord with today’s high school academic experience has been met with both strong approval and fierce criticism. Hertz School Furniture video blogger Mor Rossler presents the two sides of this issue. What are your thoughts on the new SAT format? Is this a progressive educational decision, or simply a capitulation to declining academic standards? Please share your thoughts below!




Charter Schools: Bipartisanship Rises Up in Washington DC!

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 I was pleased to join Minnesota Congressman John Kline, chair of the House Education and Workforce Committee, as he announced new federal charter schools legislation at Global Academy in Columbia Heights on March 31.  Rep. Kline was joined by Rep. Luke Messer (R-Indiana), chair of the House School Choice Caucus, Greg Richmond, President and CEO of the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), and charter school leaders from Minnesota, as we engaged in a roundtable discussion about the future of chartering. 

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