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Video: Learning A Second Language

Learning a Second Language
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Video blogger Mor Rossler discusses the benefits and consequences of learning a second language. Learning a second language is not nationally mandated but many elementary and high schools require it.

Is there value in acquiring a second language? Learning a second language helps with listening and memory skills as well as to hold a firm grasp on their first language acquired. On the other hand, it may be nice to know  a second language but should we spend our time and money on extras when we could be investing in core subjects that are required for our students to get into college?

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Have a GREAT Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation

traveling 300x300 Have a GREAT Summer Vacation!We are smart, hard working, kind, creative and talented. We are the generators of future greatness. We are the salt of the earth, the cherry on top, the cream of the crop. We are teachers! Therefore, as the end of the school year arrives, we get just as excited about summer vacation as our students. We can already almost feel the soft sand between our toes, taste the margarita at pool side, feel the sun on our skin, and smell the flowers blooming. It’s time to clear our mind from the incredible responsibilities that every teacher feels towards their students and profession.

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Video: School Uniforms: Are they Beneficial?

Video: School Uniforms: Are they Beneficial?


School Matters Video Blogger Mor Rossler explores the school uniform debate.  Are school uniforms and/ or school dress codes beneficial to students, teachers and educational institutions?  Some claim that school uniforms lead to better discipline and better focus on academics in schools. Watch the video and learn more about this important topic!


What has been your experience with school uniforms?


Follow-up: Do School Dress Codes Make Any Difference to Behavior and Academic Performance?

High school students answering a question in class

Depositphotos 4761206 original 300x200 Follow up: Do School Dress Codes Make Any Difference to Behavior and Academic Performance?I’d like to thank you for the positive feedback and interesting comments about my recent blog, “School Dress Codes-Needed Rules or Society Gone Crazy?”. One reader asked an important question; Do school dress codes and uniforms actually make a difference concerning behavior and school performance? Feeling that this question was compelling, I spent a significant amount of time researching the subject. What I found was not only a wide range of conclusions but also a lack of recent information. Most of the research came from before 2009! Never-the-less, I am happy to present some findings here.

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Healthy School Lunches-An Oxymoron?

Raised by a working mother, buying school lunch in the school cafeteria was a given. I am pretty sure that my mother never knew nor cared that I ate peanut butter and jelly on white bread every day throughout my 6 years of elementary school, except on Thursdays. Thursday was pizza day which couldn’t hold a candle to peanut butter and jelly. She didn’t care because a. nutrition was much less a topic of discussion in the 70’s and b. we had a relatively nutritious sit-down family dinner every night. In addition, thinking about my High School graduation class of 250 students, only about 5 were thought of as “fat” and by today’s standards would be considered “average”. We were getting plenty of outside play and ate very little processed or fast food short of the occasional TV dinner.

Infographic: Top 10 Tips: How to Prevent Classroom Bullying

Top 10 Bullying Tips Infographic

hertzbully infographicfinal 1 304x1024 Infographic: Top 10 Tips: How to Prevent Classroom Bullying

Bullying in the classroom is an ongoing issue that teachers have to deal with.  Hertz Furniture presents this infographic which depicts the Top 10 ways to deal with bullying in the classroom including role play, communication journals and mediation. To see a larger version of the infographic click on the picture above!


Which of the tips do you find effective in your classroom?


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If you enjoyed this infographic take a look at one of our most popular infographics and see if you are spending more or less of your own money than the average teachers spends on classroom supplies!

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School Dress Codes-Needed Rules or Society Gone Crazy?

school uniforms
As a conservative minded mother, I will say from the start that I appreciate school dress codes. My own children attended schools where uniforms were a requirement. Instead of the morning routine becoming a tug of war between a child’s will and the parent’s desire for what to wear, there might only be a discussion about what is for breakfast. Power struggles concerning clothing disappear along with student competition regarding who got the latest, greatest, name-brand garment on the market.