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Charting the Waters of Charter Schools

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Where can you find children exploring the techniques of Picasso in a small groupof mixed ages? Well perhaps at an art museum, but you may also find them learning in a Charter School. In many places, Public Charter Schools have become a viable alternative to traditional public school and even private school education.

Solar Power Lesson Plan – Now That’s Cooking!

June is the signal for many people to pull out their BBQ grills and is often the beginning of the outdoor cooking season. Since we would like to teach our students to be responsible citizens, responsible in their use of natural resources, what better way than to include a unit on alternative energy sources -solar powered cooking. You and your students can conserve energy and eat your hotdogs too with this lesson Plan for Solar Powered Cooking.

Promoting Literacy In Children

Have you read a good book lately? Not to yourself, but to your students. . Promoting literacy in children must include reading to them. It is estimated that between 25 to 40 percent of American children have difficulties advancing in their studies because of reading difficulties. They lack the vocabulary, word attack skills, have a reading disability or just plain don’t read fast enough to be able to handle the material they are required to read. If our students are having trouble reading then Sustained Silent Reading isn’t going to cut it anymore. Literacy education must begin with modeling for our students a love of reading. What better way to promote early literacy than sharing a book with them? .

Fight Cyber Bullying: Educating Teachers and Students

Cyberbullying and bullying in school
As the use of technology both in and out of the classroom has increased, so has the students’ ability to bully others electronically. Cyber bullying in schools has become a major concern over the past few years with students, who were perhaps the victims of traditional bullying themselves, reveling in their ability to take revenge from a distance. As cyber bullying is a distinctly different form of bullying, one must look at cyber bullying facts to develop an approach to halt this insidious form of bullying.

Classroom Anxiety: Signs and Symptoms

How does anxiety exhibit itself in the classroom? Anxiety in children is shown in different ways according to age of the child. In elementary school children social anxiety presents itself as a difficulty or extreme reluctance to: read aloud or answer questions; begin or participate in group discussions; write answers on the blackboard; and perform music or athletics activities. Teenagers symptoms of anxiety include additional things such as: skipping school; drug or alcohol abuse; fear of public speaking; difficulties in dating or employment; and fears of using public restrooms. These symptoms must have been present for at least six months, the children must have demonstrated in the past a capacity for age-appropriate interactions and the anxiety must be present in their interactions with peers as well as adults to be classified as social anxiety.

The Inclusive Classroom

Meeting the needs of Special Education students is a concern for all schools. While students with special needs used to be relegated to “Special Education Classes”, increasingly many of these students are being place in inclusive classrooms. Though some originally viewed this trend as a way for schools to save money, studies have found that the benefits of inclusive classrooms are wide spread both for the students with special needs and the non-identified students.

The Teaching Profession Faces Facebook

Facebook For Teachers
Most teachers enjoy learning themselves and as the world of technology has progressed so has the use of that technology both in and out of the classroom. Whether for exploring better teaching strategies, communicating with parents, or general professional development, Facebook has become a valuable tool for teachers.

Do Standards Make a Difference?

Do Standards Based Assessments help or hinder students?
While we as educators may benefit from having clearly defined curriculum goals through the use of education standards, the current system of holding schools accountable based on assessment scores can be a prescription for disaster.

Technology Techniques for Teachers

Students working on computers

students at computers 150x150 Technology Techniques for TeachersIn the not so distant past, use of technology in the classroom generally consisted of overhead projectors, perhaps a VCR to view a video presentation, and maybe calculators to reinforce math skills or on the high school level, to perform scientific equations.  In the last few years integrating technology in the classroom has reached new levels with virtually all schools with computers having internet connection.  In addition, our students’ personal knowledge and use of technology has made it imperative for teachers to develop creative ways of using technology in the classroom.

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Bullying In The Classroom

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Most children today have experienced bullying either as a victim, a perpetrator, or a witness. School bullying has reached epidemic proportions with close to 77% of all children and young adults reporting that they have been bullied during their school careers. Bullying statistics estimate that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fears of being attacked or intimidated by other students.