Video: Implementing Common Core Standards

Video: Implementing Common Core Standards
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Video blogger Kate Cohen shares some of her favorite online resources to help understand and implement common core standards in the classroom. She actually shows us practical methods of utilizing common core state standards as well as ELA standards. Common core standards including math standards is a topic on every teacher’s mind these days. According to Kate, these resources provide abundant examples of teaching each standard and more than that, they provide examples highlighting practice standards and more.

Please share your favorite Common Core State Standards resources with us!

6 Responses to Video: Implementing Common Core Standards

  1. We are thinking of modifying ZillyDilly for iPad to become a tool for teachers who want to enrich and supplement CCS curricula with Internet sites and game and need your help in its modification. We’d appreciate you ideas. Thanks.

    • Kate says:

      Do you have any specific questions I could answer here? One option is to look into hiring some teachers as consultants (particularly SMEs – Subject Matter Experts) who can advise you. Good luck!

  2. Des Ratima says:

    Very interested in establishing a charter school for adults that have not enjoyed the a full secondary level education, but have enormous experience and common sense, and now desire to compliment their experiential knowledge with academic knowledge. How do I get started. I have a basic understanding of the Charter school approach, with facilities, potential students and a core group of people with teaching skills.
    Appreciate your feedback.

    • Steve Ross says:

      I have never heard of an Adult Ed charter school. Not sure this could
      happen in California which is where I teach. I understand Florida is considering it. You need to research what is allowed in your state.

    • Kate says:

      I second what Steve Ross says here. It seems wise to look into charter school policies in your state in order to proceed. This sounds like a promising idea, and I wish you luck with your plans.

  3. Harry Chimp says:

    Hi Kate – We’d love to know what you think of! We have over 300 math activities (videos, games, and worksheets) for K-8, ALL aligned to the common core! Let us know what you think!

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