The Debate For an Extended School Day

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Hertz Furniture video blogger Mor Rossler discusses the debate for an extended school day. Many argue that we should be focusing on improving the quality of classrooms and teaching rather than paying teachers more for extra hours. Watch the video and learn more about the debate for en extended school day.

What do you think about an extended school day?

1 The Debate For an Extended School Day

2 Responses to The Debate For an Extended School Day

  1. Holly Denman says:

    Our school day is 7.5 hours a day but four days a week. We have daily PE, daily World Language (Chinese or Spanish), Art and Music. There are pros and cons after 8 years of this model. Cons: Families who are very involved in after school sports don’t get out on time (or take their children out, thus missing instructional time), Children are tired at the end of the day and may not focus as well on late classes (which is why Math is in the morning). There may be some atrophy over the three days Pros: Fridays are used for staff meetings when the teachers are rested and we have time to deal with more complex issues, collaboration with colleagues and small group help with students who are struggling (F.I.S.H.- Friday Intensive Student Help), one Friday a month is also used for off campus field trips so they do not interrupt regular learning days. Students have three days to work on projects and math assignments. In the long term, students get more instructional hours. Our test scores are equal with other schools in our area. The right brain classes we have are part of the reason parents like our school. The longer school day is something we need to evaluate based on our changing demographics and student and parent perceptions and test scores together with the mission of our school.

    • Mor says:

      Hi Holly,
      What an interesting approach to the school schedule. It seems as though the students are receiving a great, well rounded education in addition to applying suggestions I made in the video. Never the less, the same concerns I mentioned seem apparent to you, like a long intensive day and the ability for children to appropriately experience extra curricular activities. I really believe and would like to emphasize that when it comes to education, its the not the quantity of hours we are spending with the children, its the quality.
      Thank you so much for comment and keep us updated!

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