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CASBO Vendor Day ’14

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CASBO Vendor Day ’14
April 24, 2014
(860) 519-0023
The Aqua Turf Club
(860) 621-9335
Google Map
556 Mulberry Street,
Plantsville, CT

Hertz Furniture: Booth prize - Amazon Gift Card; Representative - Bob Hakakian

CT ASBO CASBO Vendor Day 14


Join us for the CASBO Vendor Day for an exciting day of professional development. The event will take place this April in the Aqua Turf in Connecticut. CASBO is honored to have 2 of Connecticut’s school nutrition celebrities who competed on Chopped! speak at Vendor Day. Rhonda Deloatch, of Common Ground High School in New Haven, and Dianne Houlihan, of Waterford Public Schools, will share their experience, insight and tips from the show and how to relate this to the everyday expectations of work-life in a school system.


David O’Brien of WorkChoice Solutions will talk on the topic of, “Deliberate Leadership in a Distracted World.” He will provide solutions to overcome the distractions and allow you to seize the opportunity to be the best leader possible. Despite the fact that real leadership is so desperately needed in all corners of our society today, the multitude of distractions we face often prevent us from not only seeing the opportunity, but seizing it too.


Visit the Hertz Furniture booth at the Expo! The booth Prize will be an Amazon gift Card. The representative will be:


bob CASBO Vendor Day 14

Bob Hakakian

North Eastern Client Relationship Manager


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