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Goodbuy Vendor Showcase

This event has passed.
Goodbuy Vendor Showcase
April 23, 2014
Education Service Center, Region 2
(361) 561 - 8600
American Bank Center Convention Center
(361) 826-4700
Google Map
1901 N Shoreline Blvd,
Corpus Christi, TX

Hertz Furniture: Booth Prize - Amazon gift cards; Reps - Dan Goldfine and Ruben Garza

Goodbuy Goodbuy Vendor Showcase

The Goodbuy Vendor Showcase is open to school districts, non-profits, churches, childcare facilities, government organizations, municipalities, colleges, and universities.

The Goodbuy Vendor Showcase is of interest to all not for profit organizations who work with product vendors and service providers through a purchasing system. The purpose of the conference is to afford opportunities for school district administrators, business managers, non-profit organization staff, city government staff to learn about new products and services available to meet the needs of their organizational operations; and to inform participants about new purchasing cooperative services offered by Education Service Center, Region 2.

The Goodbuy Vendor Showcase will offer vendors:

  • A unique showcase event dedicated to the exhibition of products and services of awarded contract holders in the Goodbuy Purchasing Cooperative;
  • One-on-one networking time with participants;
  • The ability to introduce new products and provide demonstrations; and
  • The opportunity to interact with other professionals in the field to maximize resources and ideas for future product and service development.

Hertz Furniture will be attending this conference. Visit us at our booth!  The booth prize will be Amazon gift cards. The Hertz representatives will be:

ruben Goodbuy Vendor Showcase

Ruben Garza

South Texas Client Relationship Manager

daniel Goodbuy Vendor Showcase

Daniel Goldfine

Vice President of Texas Client Relationships

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