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NACADA Region 2 Conference

This event has passed.
NACADA Region 2 Conference
March 19, 2014
March 21, 2014
(785) 532-5717
Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square
(717) 239-1600
Google Map
25 S. Queen Street,
Lancaster, PA

NACADA Region 2 2014 NACADA Region 2 Conference


Join NACADA, The Global Community for Academic Advising, for the Region 2 Conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The ten Region Conferences are a major part of NACADA’s service to its members and to the profession.  Approximately 3000 academic advisors, faculty advisors, advising administrators and others interested in enhancing student success attend each year.  The meetings provide opportunities for discussion of current issues, professional development and networking. Participants usually attend to find answers to questions and solutions from fellow colleagues who have experienced and solved similar challenges as well as new ideas for improving academic advising processes and programs.


Recognizing that effective academic advising is at the core of student success, NACADA aspires to be the premier global association for the development and dissemination of innovative theory, research, and practice of academic advising in higher education. As the premier academic advising association, NACADA provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective resources for professional development and achieving student success. The theme of this conference will be “Raising the Barn: Collaborating for student Success from application to graduation.”


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