Video: The Benefits of Social Emotional Learning

Video: The Benefits of Social Emotional Learning

Video Blogger, Kate Cohen takes a few minutes to try and convince you about the importance of social emotional learning (SEL) in our schools.  If you are already convinced,  then she hopes that she can inspire you to look into getting an SEL program in your school.

Social Emotional Learning can be developed both in and out of the classroom but programs that specifically target these skills in the classroom can reap many benefits!  Even if your classroom seems to be running smoothly, your students can benefit from a SEL program.

Watch the video to learn more!

2 Responses to Video: The Benefits of Social Emotional Learning

  1. Awesome video. So many superb points. These skills underpin everything and are life skills that children will take with them for the rest of their lives. They are hard to quantify or measure but do we really need to? No we don’t. These skills are imperative for any society and true skills for the 21st century. Many thanks.

    • Kate says:

      Thank you, I’m happy you enjoyed it. You may be interested in the work of economist James Heckman. He has done a lot of research – with very interesting outcomes – on these “non-cognitive skills.” So while you’re right – we may not need to quantify the impacts of learning such skills – they results are in fact being quantified and are very interesting!

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