Video: What Makes A Principal Great!

Video: What Makes A Principal Great!
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Video blogger Kate Cohen discusses what makes a principal great! School success is dependent on a great principal and the school community cannot flourish without an effective principal but what makes a great principal? Watch the video and find out!


3 Responses to Video: What Makes A Principal Great!

  1. Marcia says:

    Many years ago I worked with THE GREATEST PRINCIPAL. She had a stellar reputation and it was warranted. First and foremost, everyone at the school was treated with respect, it did not matter what your position was. Each morning Mrs. K would walk the campus and say,” Good Morning” to students and teachers. It was not unusual for her to be seen picking up stray papers on the campus, or helping with trays during breakfast and lunch. She was a motivator who helped teachers become innovators. She encouraged creativity so that many of us won grants and national recognition for our work. We had an open door policy for supplies, if you needed them you took them. Each year the Union would send evaluations to teachers to rate their principal and each year Mrs. K would receive perfect scores from her faculty. Teachers tried to get into our school but no one ever left. This was the type of principal I believe all teachers would love to work for.

    • Kate says:

      Wow, Marcia! Thank you so much for sharing. Mrs. K certainly does sound like the kind of principal any teacher would love to work under, and any child would love to have as a principal. One question I’m left wondering after reading your comment is whether someone like Mrs. K could teach others to lead as she did. Very inspiring.

  2. Nasser says:

    Nice role model in Mrs K.. Children will surely be good community members ..Iam more concern with special education principals ..I have experienced rude accusation s by principals ..most are concern of finances ..and compromise with hiring teachers who are acceptabe to the set salaries ..Its sad the there are mny teachers and theraphist who work with passion and change the quality of life of children with disablities ..unlike many more teachers spl educators who would just come as baby sitters ..?
    A good principal i as a profesional is evaluate a good teacher who reforms life of disabled children and ..A good [principal would be to me a person who would enhance the set salary for hard working teachers theraphist etc

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