Versa-Rack Drying Racks, Art Drying Racks

Versa-Rack Drying Racks

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Versa-Rack Drying Racks

The Versa-Rack drying racks by AWT are an ideal solution for drying and storing stretched canvasses, cardboard sheets, poster board, heavy felt and similar items. Construction is all-metal, strong and sturdy to withstand years of use.

With spacious shelves, rigid or semi-rigid items up to 12"x18" will fit easily into these lightweight and portable drying and storage racks. Specially designed with 3" spacing between the shelves, there is also room for thicker objects.


  • Versatile: These drying and storage floor rack are portable and lightweight.
  • Well-built: Strong construction is all-metal and will last for many years.
  • Multi-purpose: Made for drying and storage of a multitude of items, these floor racks are appropriate for office, classroom, studio or home use. No more need to clear space for canvas boards, sheets of cardboard or poster board.
  • Maximum Storage: Spacious shelves can hold rigid and semi-rigid objects up to 12"x18". With 3" spacing between the shelves, many larger objects will also fit.
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