AmTab Portable Band Risers, Band & Choral Risers

AmTab Portable Band Risers

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AmTab Portable Band Risers

AmTab’s comprehensive band riser set takes all of the difficulty out of buying risers. The base set consists of everything you need to create various riser configurations, and the 4’ and 6’ add–on sections enable you to extend your configuration in any direction. Portable risers can be arranged and rearranged, providing maximum flexibility. They are constructed with heavy–duty, square steel tubing for many years of safe and reliable use. 48" depth supplies space for musician chairs and music stands. Built–in coupling lock system securely attaches level to level or dual–height risers.


  • Time Saver: Comprehensive package eliminates the time–consuming task of selecting separate riser pieces to build a complete setup.
  • Creative Configuration: Rectangular and pie–shaped risers can be combined with sets to form semicircles and other unique arrangements.
  • Durable Construction: Heavy–duty, square steel tubing keeps risers standing strong for many years.
  • Deep Platforms: 48" depth provides space for musician chairs and music stands.
  • Secure Attachment: Built–in coupling lock system securely attaches dual–height or level to level arrangements.
  • Increased Visibility: Three–tiered risers ensure that all band participants can be seen.
  • Wide Selection: Variety of sizes and shapes caters to individual needs.
  • Distraction Reducing: Carpeted platform minimizes sounds from moving chairs and shuffling feet.
  • Secure Playing: Back rail enables musicians to focus on the music.
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