Beam & Bench Seating

Beam & Bench Seating

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How can you maximize seating in a lobby? By furnishing your waiting room with attached beam seating. This economical option offers classy style and comfort while saving space so you can provide as much seating as possible. Beam seats always look neat and organized, staying in perfectly straight rows throughout the busy workday.

Bench seating is another good choice when it comes to maintaining a classy reception area and utilizing your space to its fullest. With the style and appeal of a couch or loveseat, it can be perfectly coordinated with your other reception furniture, or used as some comfy stand-alone seating.

What is beam seating?

Beam seating is a row of individual seats mounted to one beam. This is an economical choice because you save on the price of individual chair frames. You also save space because a beam support takes up much less room than individual chair frames. At the same time, you don’t need to compromise on style, you can choose an appealing design that will also provide your guests with a comfortable wait.

Our beam seats have attractive contours that offer a modern aesthetic. Ventilated mesh backs keep your guests cool while they wait. You can choose from plastic seats or padded fabric or vinyl seats in a selection of attractive colors. Upholstery choice is a great way to brighten up a space. If you want to have a combination of comfort and low maintenance, vinyl upholstery is the best choice by far.

What are the benefits of beam seating?

There are many things about beam seating that make it a smart option. Unlike individual chairs which can easily get moved around throughout the day, beam seating is always arranged in a clean straight line, giving your lobby an organized look with minimal effort. Unlike long benches, the individual chairs mounted as beam seats maintain personal space in your reception area so people can feel comfortable while they wait. We also have the option of including a built-in table so your patients and clients will have a convenient place to put down their drinks or reading material.

Can I put upholstered benches in a reception area?

Reception benches are an excellent choice for a waiting room or lobby, especially if you are looking to save space. They have the same padded cushioning as sofas and settees, but take up significantly less space because they don’t have arms or backs. Upholstered benches can be coordinated with other reception seating or used individually. They maintain a more open feel in your reception area and are also a more budget-friendly choice.

Many of our reception furniture collections include an upholstered bench option so you can choose from a wide selection of styles. This includes many fabric choices in various grades, prints and solids which can be used to bring a new attractive hue into your space or coordinated with accessories and paint colors.