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Neighborhood Carpets

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Neighborhood Carpets

Encourage your students to explore the city around them with this neighborhood-themed classroom rug. Roads, highways and even a lake with a bridge will provide young students with hours of imaginative play as they build homes and towers and direct their toy cars along the streets. This classroom carpet is also ideal for teaching small children about road safety and understanding directions. Made with all non-toxic materials and American quality, this neighborhood classroom rug will delight your students and encourage them to discover the neighborhood in which they live.


  • Child-Friendly Colors: Bright colors add cheer to any learning environment.
  • Stain-Resistant: Carpet-Guard treatment protects carpet from everyday spills and stains.
  • Super-Durable: Increased fiber density, double-stitched 3-ply nylon serge and KIDPly backing system prevent carpet from fraying, piling and unraveling.
  • Fire-Safe: The Alpha carpet meets all fire code requirements.
  • Extra-Hygienic: A lifetime anti-microbial treatment and antibacterial treatment guard against mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria.
  • NOTE: Vacuuming over carpet edge can result in damage to the serged edge. Avoid contact with floor buffers. Follow all manufacturer's instructions.
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