Ergotron Articulating Monitor Arm Sit/Stand Workstations, Computer Tables

Ergotron Articulating Monitor Arm Sit/Stand Workstations

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Ergotron Articulating Monitor Arm Sit/Stand Workstations

With an Ergotron Articulating Monitor Arm Sit/Stand Workstation, you can transform almost any space into an ergonomic sit/stand desk. Getting a customized workspace is as simple as attaching the desk clamp to the back of your work surface, and using the quick, single-motion adjustment to move the monitor into any position you like. Want to collaborate with a colleague? Just slide your screen on over to the adjacent desk. Need some more space for meeting or writing notes? Just push the screen back and enjoy a completely open workspace. To get the full ergonomic benefit of this sit/stand workstation, simply lift or lower your screen from standing height to sitting height and back again as needed. It’s just that smooth - no knobs, levers or buttons required. Articulating monitor arms from Ergotron have built-in wire-management and a sleek design, creating a visual appeal that will blend well with any modern workspace. Sit down, stand up, collaborate and innovate while working at your very own sit/stand workstation.


  • Transformative: Converts almost any desk into a healthy sit/stand workstation.
  • Easy Installation: Desk clamp attaches to the side of a work surface (must be .78" to 2.6" / 2 to 6.5 cm thick). Grommet mount included for additional attachment option.
  • Quick Adjustment: A single motion adjusts position in any direction, without requiring knobs, levers or buttons.
  • Clear Workspace: Units swiftly push back to free desktop for writing or meetings.
  • Collaborative Design: Articulating arm allows side-to-side motion for screen sharing.
  • Versatile Positioning: Each of two rotation points features a 180° motion radius,for a full 360° turning capability.
  • Sit to Stand: Adjusts 20" vertically, facilitating work in either a sitting or standing position, and accommodating the heights of multiple users.
  • Wire Management: Cable-management clips on the underside of the arm route and hide wires.
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