First Responder Evacuation Crib ClearView w/ Mattress FND-2047

First Responder Evacuation Crib ClearView w/ Mattress

Model #FND-2047

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Swift, safe evacuation of babies is a must in any emergency situation. The First Responder Evacuation Crib from Foundations is specially designed to make daycare center evacuation smooth, safe and efficient.

Each First Responder baby crib is marked with clear icons for immediate recognition by first responders. Clearview end panels let caregivers monitor infants throughout every phase of an evacuation, and easy-grip handles are integrated into the headboard frame to facilitate stable, secure transport. The comfortable, 3" mattress is not only wet-proof and anti-microbial, it also meets the latest federal fire standards.

In order to allow babies to be evacuated as fast as possible, First Responder baby cribs have a weight capacity of 4 children or 150 pounds. Four heavy-duty casters let caregivers maneuver the evacuation route smoothly and safely.

There are things you hope you never need, but would never want to be without. The First Responder Evacuation Crib is one of them.

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Foundations is one of the foremost manufacturers of commercial cribs in the United States. Their dedication to safety and quality has given their cribs, mattresses and strollers a deserved reputation for excellence, beauty and comfort for both caregiver and child.

26.3 in.
39.4 in.
40 in.
50 lbs.
Limited Lifetime
Weight Capacity:
40 Lbs

Weight Capacity refers to the moving weight/force of a person as he/she sits down on a chair.


  • Full Infant View: Acrylic clearview panels keep babies and caregivers in full view of each other to encourage early social interaction and keep babies feeling secure.
  • Fire-Resistant Mattress: All Foundations mattresses are compliant with the latest CFR-1633 fire standards, in addition to being wet-proof and anti-microbial.
  • Meets all Standards: Foundations cribs are fully compliant with all ASTM and CPSC standards including the all-new 2011 federal regulations for in-service cribs.
  • Superior Strength: First Responder frame is built with superior strength and can hold 4 infants or up to 150 pounds at a time — allowing more children to be evacuated swiftly.
  • Stable Transport: Easy-grip handles are integrated into headboard frame to assist caregivers in easy, stable transport during an evacuation.
  • Easy Identification: Evacuation cribs come with evacuation icons that can be viewed from all sides, making evacuation cribs easily identifiable to both caregivers and first responders.
  • Full Infant View: Clearview end panels allow constant infant monitoring throughout all phases of an evacuation.
  • Heavy-Duty Casters: Four 4" casters (2 locking) can easily maneuver any evacuation route.
  • Clear Evacuation Guidelines: Each First Responder evacuation crib comes with a clearly printed Evacuation Protocol sign which trains caregivers in safe evacuation.
  • Optional Sign Kit: Complete sign kit including 1 protocol sign and 3 convenient route signs can be ordered separately.
  • Certificate of Compliance: If you already bought a Foundations crib and need a Certificate of Compliance, click here. Cribs manufactured Oct. 2011 or later include the certificate in the box.
  • Note: Commercial cribs cannot be returned once they have been assembled.
  • Lifetime Coverage: Our Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees many years of use and enjoyment.
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First Responder Evacuation Crib ClearView w/ Mattress

Our Price: $308.55
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