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Digital Signage Displays

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If you really want your business to stand out, digital signage displays are an excellent investment. What is digital signage? It includes high-definition LCD displays that can show just about anything you want from advertisements to special announcements and beyond. With full color and an unlimited selection of eye-catching graphics, this is a great way for any company to attract attention.

Digital signs come in different sizes and styles. We have freestanding models that will fit well in the lobby or hallway of a building. The small footprint lets you advertise in high-traffic locations without interfering with passersby or furniture. There are also tabletop models which are a more budget-friendly option, offering all of the same great features as full-size displays.

What is the best way to advertise?

There are many new trends in advertising today, but not all trends will fit every business. If you want to call attention to your goods or services, digital signage is a great way to get noticed. Old fashioned paper signs and word of mouth just aren’t enough in today’s digital culture. Eye-catching graphics and full-color messages that can be changed easily will show clients and potential clients that your company is in touch with the needs and expectations of the modern consumer.

It’s easy to walk by a flier or billboard without noticing what is written on it, but an LCD display is much harder to ignore. This is a great way to attract people who might otherwise not know about your business. A digital sign also offers a great way to interact with customers. People are sure to appreciate having something attractive to look at and read while they are waiting for a salesperson or service representative. More sophisticated graphics are great for limited-time promotions. They ensure that your customer base stays informed and encourages them to keep coming back for more.

How much does a digital sign cost?

The cost of digital signage displays varies according to size and style. With Hertz Furniture’s affordable prices and great service, they are definitely worth the investment. Rather than having to print a new billboard, banner, poster or sign every time you want to update pricing or special promotions, you can simply program all of the new details into the digital sign. This saves money on printing, hanging and graphic design.

How do you program digital signage?

Our digital signage is surprisingly easy to set up. It comes with all the software you need to program an unlimited range of images and content in a range of media formats. Best of all, it can be programmed remotely over the internet so you don’t even need to be on location to change the sign. Remote programming over the internet enables you to update a digital kiosk in real time. By responding to current events and trends as quickly as possible, your company can stay ahead of the pack and make a great impression.

There will always be things you can’t plan for, but for the things you know about, it is good to be as prepared as possible. Time control settings on our

digital signs

allow you to prepare attractive displays in advance pre-program them to be shown at just the right moment. You can also save money on electricity by pre-setting the display to switch on and off at your desired times.

How durable are digital signs?

Our digital signage kiosks are built to last from top to bottom. Tempered glass over the HD displays is safe, attractive and sturdy. Metal casing holds all of the components firmly in place. Secure access to all ports via a locking back panel provides easy access for programming and setup while preventing tampering.

With our sturdy, attractive digital signage, you can take your business to a whole new level. Eye-catching graphics and straightforward programming software let you create the digital advertisements you have always dreamed of. With a choice of signs and tabletop kiosks, you can get a great fit for the space you have.