Overhead Projectors by Hamilton Buhl, Overhead Projectors

Overhead Projectors by Hamilton Buhl

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Overhead Projectors by Hamilton Buhl

These Overhead Projectors make a great affordable addition to any training room or classroom!
Wondering how to decide whether to buy an open-head projector or a closed-head projector? Well, here's the scoop: If you're looking for maximum possible brightness, look for open-head models. The image is brighter because the mirror is not enclosed. If you're in a dusty industrial location or a school, consider a closed-head projector. The enclosed mirror system is protected from fingerprints, tampering, dust and other pollutants.


  • Made of easy-to-clean, high-impact molded plastic.
  • Rack-and-pinion focus mechanism allows super-accurate focus adjustments.
  • Balanced optical systems provide superior edge-to-edge resolution.
  • UL listed.
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