Everlast Climbing Walls, Playground

Everlast Climbing Walls

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Everlast Climbing Walls

Everlast Climbing Walls will become a fast favorite in your school gym, recreation room or fitness center. These colorful, versatile, and challenging climbing walls will give your students many hours of safe fun. When you want to mix things up and change the course, Groperz handholds can be set in a variety of routes via preset placement options. Safety mats directly below the wall ensure that kids have safe cushioning in case of trips, falls or hard landings. Indoor rock climbing is a great activity for students because it encourages them to build physical, social and emotional skills, all while having a great time. With Everlast Climbing Walls your students will never want gym time to end.


  • No Unattended Climbing: Cordless mat-locking system locks mats in place to discourage students from accessing the wall unattended.
  • Easy Arrangement: Groperz handholds can be moved around and set in a number of routes using a clear numbering and lettering system, and preset placement options.
  • Skill Building: Climbing builds a number of important skills including muscular strength, endurance, confidence, and perseverance.
  • Extra Protection: Safety mats ensure that students are protected in the event of falls.
  • All Inclusive: Package includes a climbing wall, Groperz handholds, a "Rules and Guidelines" sign, ball-holder set, and 2" safety mats.
  • Unlimited ExtensionsOrder multiple extensions to customize your climbing wall to any length you need.
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