Paper Roll Dispensers and Racks by Bulman, Preschool Art

Paper Roll Dispensers and Racks by Bulman

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Paper Roll Dispensers and Racks by Bulman

Tired of dragging heavy, unwieldy rolls of paper around? Bulman Paper Roll Dispensers will save you the trip. With a convenient design and a sturdy build, they will keep your poster and butcher paper stored and cut to perfection. Their strong metal frames with a gray powder-coated finish will fit right into your art room, studio or classroom. These paper roll racks aren't cutting any corners. Straight spring-loaded blades will give you an even cut every time, so your posters look professional and appealing. Need to load a new color or switch rolls? No problem! Just lock the blade in the open position and slide rolls in or out of your paper roll dispenser as needed. With so many great features and the signature Bulman design, it's no wonder they are the most widely used paper roll racks in the world.


  • School Size: The unit can accommodate 36" (91.4 cm) x 1000’ paper rolls.
  • Straight Cut: Spring-loaded blades ensure that papers are cut in a straight line every time.
  • Unbeatable Durability: Tough gray powder-coated steel frames provide years of maintenance-free operation.
  • Easy Changing: Blades lock in the open position for loading or changing rolls.
  • Versatile: Bulman racks dispense many types of paper including butcher, Kraft, and gift wrap.
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