Hallowell Quiet Lockers- 3 wide, Steel Lockers

Hallowell Quiet Lockers- 3 wide

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Hallowell Quiet Lockers- 3 wide

Minimize corridor noise so you can focus on your classes or meetings with these Hallowell Quiet Lockers. 3-wide units are great for long rows of lockers whether in hallways, classrooms, or locker rooms.

Deep-drawn stainless-steel recessed handle ensures quiet closing and secure locking. Door closing and latch are cushioned by rubber bumpers to minimize sound.

The noise-minimizing features of these school lockers don’t detract from their Hallowell strength and durability. Personal belongings stay safe as the pry resistant lug prevents locks from being picked open. Tough 16-guage steel doors with 18-guage full height channel door stiffeners keep intruders out of these lockers through years of quiet and protected use.


  • High Capacity: Single and double tier options. A variety of widths and depths to accommodate almost any items your students need to store.
  • Maximum Strength: 16-guage steel doors include an 18-guage full-height channel door-stiffener welded to inner door for maximum strength.
  • Strong Finish: All locker parts are coated with corrosion-preventing finish.
  • Quiet: Quiet latch and door feature rubber bumpers to minimize noise.
  • Secure: Deep-drawn stainless-steel recessed handle increases door strength and lock security. Pry resistant lug prevents break-ins.
  • Organized: Each locker includes one double prong ceiling hook and two single hooks. All lockers come with individual number plates. Single tier model includes a hat shelf.
  • Piano Hinge: Door features a 16-guage continuous piano hinge, providing a much stronger connection between the door and frame than a conventional hinge.
  • Ventilated: Doors include ventilated perforations in top and bottom flanges.
  • Convenient: 3-wide units are suitable for long rows of lockers.
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