X5 Sliding Storage Shelf System, Metal Shelving Units

X5 Sliding Storage Shelf System

Sizes and colors may vary; see products for details.

X5 Sliding Storage Shelf System

Increase Your Usable Storage Space by up to 70%
This sliding steel shelving system can increase your storage space by 40-70% by recovering previously wasted aisles. X5 can handle most loads (up to 500 lbs. per shelf) and can be customized to fit nearly any storage area. Its open design maximizes visibility, ventilation, and airflow, while allowing easy retrieval of contents from both sides.


  • Heavy-duty, chrome-plated shelves made of 2-,5-, and 7-gauge steel.
  • Easy no-tool assembly. The tracks are completely modular and do not require drilling into the floor. Just lay them down on a flat surface, and you're ready to go.
  • A "step on/step off" safety brake comes with each roller assembly, allowing users to lock units into place while loading and retrieving.
  • 24" and 18" units can be used on the same track for your convenience.
  • Choose one of our popular 5-section systems (each section has four shelves) or ask us to design (free of charge) a system that meets your specific needs.
  • Also available in 50" height - Call 888-793-4999 for details.
  • Shelf Sizes:

    Model #Shelf Size
    X5-183618" x 36"
    X5-184818" x 48"
    X5-186018" x 60"
    X5-243624" x 36"
    X5-244824" x 48"
    X5-246024" x 60"
    X5-247224" x 72"
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