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Finding the Balance in Classroom Wall Decor


It might seem obvious that the more you decorate your classroom walls, the better your space will look. However, a learning space is just like any other room, in the sense that too much decor can be distracting and unsightly. Classroom wall decor should be tasteful and relevant, while still leaving enough empty spaces in between.

What should I put on my classroom walls?

Especially if you teach younger students, you will want to hang up the weekly schedule, as well as the times when each class begins and ends. This will help them get used to the structure of the day, and know what is coming up. Schedules which will stay on the wall the whole year should be in a highly-visible place toward the front of the room. They can also probably be hung directly on the wall. Teachers should also color-code the schedules to make it easy for students to recognize different subjects and prepare for them accordingly.

Can I hang decorations directly on my classroom walls?

While you may be able to hang some things straight up on the walls, you might not necessarily want to. Things that are hung directly on the wall can be more difficult to remove. A wonderful alternative is to have a number of bulletin boards around the room, each of which is designated for a different purpose. This will also help to ensure that you are not hanging too many things on the walls, if you are careful to limit decor to the designated bulletin boards. In addition to hanging things on cork boards, you can also use room dividers as a designated display space.

What should I hang on classroom bulletin boards?

The best way to ensure that your bulletin boards are engaging and relevant, is to designate each one for something different. You can even choose a committee of students who will be responsible for changing each board periodically. Make sure that the classroom wall decor they are using is related to the subject you are teaching. Classroom walls can be a great outlet for productive distraction. You can even use them to display the information you are teaching frontally, or to remind students of certain rules, processes, and information that they need to use in their daily work.

Choosing the right classroom wall decorations can be almost as important as preparing your lessons. The classroom walls can really be used as alternative teaching spaces, which encourage students to remember what they are learning and explore even while they are sitting in class.

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