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Stand Up Tables Will Change the Way You Work

Stand Up Tables For Modern Learning

If you want to send the message that your space is equipped for the modern student, add in some contemporary standing-height tables. Tall surfaces with stools are no longer exclusively used in cafes and eateries. In fact, they are all the rage in media centers, student lounge areas and libraries.

What are the benefits of standing-height tables?

With what we now know about ergonomics and healthy movement, standing tables are considered a healthy choice. When people work in a standing position, the blood can flow freely throughout the body, and they tend to have better posture than they would in a seated position. Of course, these benefits are only relevant if your tables are the right height for standing. It is not beneficial to hunch over a standard work surface in a standing position. When a person stands, they tend to shift their weight between their two feet and switch positions more often than they would if they were seated. This helps them release energy and maintain constant movement throughout the day.

What chair can you use with standing-height tables?

Stand up tables are a versatile choice, because a person can work in a standing position, or while seated at a counter-height stool. This is the ultimate compromise, allowing for rotating positions throughout the day, and accommodating evolving preferences. Stools come in all sorts of cool modern styles, and they can easily be coordinate with whatever table style you choose. Having the option of sitting or standing while staying at the same work surface is extremely beneficial for group work. It allows each member of the team to choose which position works best for them, so everyone can have what they prefer.

Which stand up tables do you recommend?

There are so many great options to choose from. If you like the standard cafe table style, Boost Cafe Tables come in a great selection of shapes and sizes, so you can get the right fit for your space. It’s nice to choose a variety, so groups can choose which styles are the best fit for their purposes. Matrix Collaboration Tables from High Point are the perfect tables for students or professionals on the go. They are a great choice for open lounge areas, or even waiting rooms. With the option of including a built-in power source, they provide a comfortable work space, which accommodates the needs of the digital native.

If you are looking for something really unique and out-of the box, Pocket Booth Lounge Seating has a very special design. An optional counter-height surface on the back of booths helps maximize space and provide an extra contemporary work surface. It looks great with stools, and can be used as a stand up work space as well. This is a great option for conference spaces and media centers.

Stand up tables don’t just look cool, there is a real reason they have become so popular in schools and professional work spaces. They give people options for how they would like to work, and allow people who are working together to accommodate everyone’s preferences. With all of the great standing-height tables out there, it’s easy to find a configuration and style that will work in any space.

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